Bosch MCM68840, the ideal kitchen robot for kitchens.

Bosch Mcm68840 Cabecera.jpg
Bosch Mcm68840 Cabecera.jpg

Are you a chef and are you looking for a kitchen robot with which to make your favorite recipes and experiment with new ones? Well, Bosch makes it easy for you with the Bosch MCM68840.

Bosch MCM68840

The Bosch MCM68840 is a kitchen robot that you can find in white and gray color. Among its most notable features are the variable speed adjustment with LED indicator with cut-off or turbo function so that it can be locked at intervals. His power is 1250W, more than enough to process all kinds of food, even if we need to prepare large volumes or crush ice. Bring a supercut blade, whose innovative design guarantees perfect results. This kitchen robot is also multifunctional, more than 40 utilities Among which are grating, cutting, kneading … and that we will detail below. It also includes a XXL bowl with capacity up to 3.9 liters in which you can prepare doughs up to 1.5 kg.

Thus, the accessories that it brings and the functions that we can use are the following:
The glass blender accessory with which we can chop ice and prepare drinks such as shakes, cocktails, frappés and even sauces and purees. The blender jug ​​is plastic and has a capacity of 1.5 liters, more than enough to make any type of drink or preparation without having to worry about space. At another point, we also have the series of blades with which we can process any type of food.

The mixer bladea, together with the powerful engine, is especially designed and thought to prepare all kinds of dough, either for pizzas, puff pastries, fluffier like sponge cakes or firm like cookies. You just have to place it and adjust the desired power to start working. Another of its blades is the professional blade, what’s wrong with it wave shape and, as a result, the contact surface with food is increased. Do not worry about the most fibrous vegetables such as leeks or thistles, this blade will be able to process them without any problem and with very professional results. In addition to these blades it also has discs for cutting and grating, from fruits and vegetables, to grating cheese, chocolate, etc.

Finally, the last two accessories correspond to the beater rod with which we can both whip cream and meringue, foams and mousse and the juicer, whose MultiTalent processor It will allow you to prepare countless juices without having to need an additional accessory for this in your kitchen.

General characteristics of the Bosch MCM68840

Bosch MCM68840
Brand Bosch
Model No. MCM64085
Colour White
Product weight 5.98 Kg
Package dimensions 40.2 x 40.2 x 39 cm
Ability 3.9 liters
Volume 3.9 liters
Power 1200 W
Material Plastic
Special features Boost function

LED indicators

Non-slip step

Variable speed

Opinions from the Bosch MCM68840

This kitchen robot has a relationship very good price-quality. It works well and processes food efficiently. However, although it brings several accessories tools, Some like the cutter for fries hoh what to buy on the web and, being these of plastic, they are not as resistant to shocks, so you have to be careful. For the rest, it can become the perfect ally for any cook.

Bosch MCM68840

Availability and price of the Bosch MCM68840

You can buy the Bosch MCM68840 at Amazon in white or gray.


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  • Process food very well.
  • Very good value for money.

  • Some accessories you have to buy on the web.
  • Plastic accessories.