Bosch SGS4HVI31E, discover this complete dishwasher

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bosch sgs4hvi31e, discover this complete dishwasher

The Bosch SGS4HVI31E is a modern dishwasher, not only for its stainless steel aesthetics, but also for its various features. With this Bosch dishwasher, you won’t have to worry about your dishes getting dirty, while enjoying the benefits of an efficient and quiet household appliance.

We discuss the Bosch SGS4HVI31E

The Bosch SGS4HVI31E is a dishwasher that, among other features, boasts of being modern, both for its aesthetics and for its different technologies, designed to guarantee a good washing of our dishes without having to worry about adjusting parameters that, in many cases, do not we have time to think.

Also, one of the main advantages of this dishwasher is the type of motor it has, since it is silent, but this does not detract from its power, apart from being resistant and durable. This EcoSilence motor has been built without the graphite brushes, traditional in other dishwashers, so, with fewer components, there is less friction between them.

Thanks to this, the motor has a much longer useful life, in addition to consuming less by not having to invest so much effort to operate. Besides, as there are not so many vibrations, it also emits much less noise than others.

Bosch SGS4HVI31E

Use less water and automatically

Another interesting feature of the Bosch SGS4HVI31E is its ActiveWater technology, characterized by a more respectful consumption of water and energy without giving up the results you expect in a dishwasher of this type.

In fact, this technology helps the appliance to maximize washing efficiency, apart from promoting a more environmentally friendly rinse by not needing to invest as much energy. The cleaning results, therefore, are very good, with the advantage that you will save energy and water.

What’s more, this is coupled with an optimized water filtering technology that makes the water heat up faster , as well as allowing greater power by increasing the frequency with which it circulates. Thus, even the deepest dirt will disappear without a trace and without spending more.

Another interesting point in this dishwasher is the possibility of washing the dishes and leaving them in perfect condition without the need for us to adjust any type of parameter and just by pressing a button. In fact, thanks to its display we will see the selected settings and the remaining time, but if you really want to worry about it, you will only have to activate the automatic program.

This program is used so that, thanks to its sensors that detect the degree of dirt, both the water pressure and the temperature are adapted. Thus, the results will always be perfect, and what is better, always taking care of the dishes so that they are not only clean, but also intact.

Bosch SGS4HVI31E

Designed for space and safety

The Bosch SGS4HVI31E is a spacious dishwasher that offers a capacity of 13 services, so you will have no problems organizing your dishes, even during festive times.

For a more efficient organization that adapts to the needs of each load, you can make use of its MaxFlex baskets, in which you can fold down the rods according to what the dishes measure. In this way, you can adapt the interior of the dishwasher to the different needs of each moment and never show a lack of space.

In fact, this dishwasher has a third tray called VarioDrawer that will serve to place the cutlery and, in this way, not take up space in the lower basket. Thus, you can easily organize the kitchenware regardless of whether there is little or a lot of crockery. Its different technologies, as well as its extra drying function, will make dishes come out perfectly clean.

Not only that, you won’t have to worry about the dishwasher losing water at any time. The AquaStop system will take care of this, providing maximum leak protection with its sensor so that the appliance stops working and draws the water out.

All in all, this is a quality dishwasher, designed to be very durable. So much so that the brand offers you a 10-year guarantee in the tub , so you don’t have to worry about anything other than washing the dishes.

Bosch SGS4HVI31E

Features of the Bosch SGS4HVI31E


Type of device Dishwasher
Build format Independent
Type of construction Independent
No programs 6
Programs Eco 50 ° C, Automatic 45-65 ° C, Intensive 70 ° C, 1 hour 65 ° C, Silent 50 ° C and Prewash Program: configurable in the “Favorite” key
Adjustable basket height Yes
Character specials Dosing tray for combined detergents All in 1: Automatic detection of detergents Mixed tank made of stainless steel and Polinox
Automatic programs Extra Dry, Half load, SpeedPerfect +, Tank cleaning
Cutlery system Cutlery basket
Load detection Yes
Time remaining display Yes
Dose assistant No
Monitor Display digitalIndicador luminosoTeclas
Water consumption 9.5 l
Normal cycle duration 3.45 h
Electric power 2400 W
Medidas (An x Al x F) 60 cm x 84.50 cm x 60 cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 56.70 kg
Weight 54 kg
Color (by manufacturer) stainless steel
Color (standardized) The payment
Height 84.50 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 60 cm
Content 1x Dishwasher
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 66 cm / 88 cm / 68 cm
Packaging width 66 cm
Packing height 88 cm
Packing depth 68 cm
Circumference 356 cm
packed weight 59.5 kg
Number of services 13
Noise level 46 dB
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) E
EU Energy Efficiency Scale (EU 2017/1369) A-G



Opinions from the Bosch SGS4HVI31E

This dishwasher has a fairly modern design, as well as a display in which we can see the remaining time, as well as the different settings that we have established. It also has a good variety of programs and is quite silent, so the biggest drawback is its price, which is quite high.

Bosch SGS4HVI31E

Availability and price of the Bosch SGS4HVI31E

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Bosch SGS4HVI31E and Media Markt
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  • Modern and spacious.
  • Good variety of programs.
  • Pretty quiet.
  • Good washing results.




  • High price.