Bosch SKS62E32EU, a silent compact dishwasher

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bosch sks62e32eu, a silent compact dishwasher

The Bosch SKS62E32EU or Bosch Series 4 SKS62E32EU dishwasher is a quiet and practical appliance with an automatic program. Designed to be durable, this Bosch dishwasher will allow you to have your dishes clean every day in a very easy and complete way with its different programs.

We talk about this Bosch dishwasher

The Bosch SKS62E32EU or Bosch Series 4 SKS62E32EU is a compact 6-service dishwasher that has been built with an EcoSilence motor, which means that it will work powerfully, efficiently and also quietly and long-lasting.

This is so because the motor has fewer parts, in this case the traditional graphite brushes, so friction is reduced and, therefore, the wear between the components, which is also one of the factors that cause the most noise.

For this reason, this dishwasher is durable, in addition to the fact that it has been manufactured with quality materials and subjected to leak-tightness tests of the tub to ensure that it enjoys a very long useful life. In this way, the brand itself offers up to 10 years of warranty on it.

Bosch SKS62E32EU

Programs that you will use almost always

The Bosch SKS62E32EU is also a dishwasher in which you can put an automatic program. This will offer you perfect results, as well as good care of the dishes without you having to worry about anything else.

It works by adjusting the temperature and degree of pressure of the water according to the dirt it detects on the dishes, so it will always leave them clean. But that’s not all, it also brings other special programs such as, for example, the 40° Cups.

This program is ideal not only for glasses, but also for the most delicate crockery, since it washes and dries it carefully to leave it as shiny as the first day. Thanks to the fact that it reduces the temperature and adjusts it in the rinsing phase, prolonging the drying time, your plates, glasses and crystal glasses will look like new.

Bosch SKS62E32EU

Features of the Bosch Series 4 SKS62E32EU

product width 551
product height 450
Installation type Worktop
Ability: 6 services
Additional functions Extra dry, VarioSpeed
Airborne noise emissions (EU 2017/1369) 49
third tray None
Power cord length (cm) 175
Outlet sleeve length 215
Airborne noise emission class (EU 2017/1369) C
door color White
Control panel color White
Type of construction free installation
Device dimensions 450x551x500
Removable worktop height (MM) 0
Net weight / kg) 21,885

Bosch SKS62E32EU Reviews

This dishwasher is good value for money. Keep in mind that it is not very spacious, since it is a compact dishwasher, but it offers very good washing results and leaves the dishes dry. However, the biggest negative point that we see is that it has a class F in energy efficiency, that is, quite low.

Bosch SKS62E32EU

  • Good value for money.
  • Good washing results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Class F in energy efficiency.