Bosch SMS4EMI00E, with ActiveWater technology and three drying levels

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bosch sms4emi00e, with activewater technology and three drying levels

Although we like to remember that there is nothing and no one perfect, today we are going to talk about an appliance that is very close to achieving it. The  Bosch SMS4EMI00E has very advanced technologies, a very careful design and WiFi connectivity so that we can get the most out of it.

In this article we will tell you everything you can expect from this  Bosch model , which seems to us to be an excellent option if you have to change your dishwasher.

Design of the Bosch SMS4EMI00E

This  Bosch SMS4EMI00E  stainless steel free- standing dishwasher offers us a capacity of 13 services so that we can wash all the plates, glasses, forks and pans for our food, even if guests come to the house. Inside we find  three Rackmatic heights , the bottom one is focused on the most voluminous products (pots, pans, plates…), the middle one is for the glasses and the upper one is for the cutlery, which are perfectly placed thanks to this VarioDrawer tray. . In addition, in the lower basket we have an  anti-derailment brake to prevent us from having a mishap.

Bosch SMS4EMI00E

It has dimensions of 845 x 600 x 600 mm with  a weight of 52 kg . Your safety is guaranteed thanks to the  anti-leak protection, cup protection and anti-return water protection , so that we do not have problems that could lead to serious accidents in our home, such as floods. In addition, we also have  a child safety lock .

On the outside, we have a  screen with light indicators and buttons , so that we can control all aspects related to the washing and drying of our dishes. We have a remaining time indicator, lack of salt / rinse aid, choice of program, temperature… You will not lack detail. Keep in mind that it is not a touch screen, so you will have to use the buttons that come in this section.

With EcoSilence Motor and ActiveWater technology

This Bosch SMS4EMI00E dishwasher is postulated as a sustainable appliance, thanks to the included technologies that work to pursue a respectful consumption of energy and water, also achieving optimal cleaning results.

Bosch SMS4EMI00E

We speak in this sense of  ActiveWater technology , which we have also seen in Bosch washing machines, and which seeks a more efficient distribution of water, with optimized filtering technology, as well as faster heating and greater power than to achieve a higher water circulation rate.

On the other hand, it is also worth highlighting the  EcoSilence motor , which eliminates the traditional graphite brushes and guarantees a lower noise level (according to the manufacturer’s data, it is placed at 44 dB ) and more power and durability.

Automatic door opening for drying

Another quality that is very interesting in this type of appliance is the  automatic opening of the door , which gives us more efficient drying since the door opens by itself at the end of the cycle. This is an added function that we will have to select explicitly if we want it to be done like this. The feature is called  Efficient Drying . Other functions included in this model are Half Load and SpeedPerfect+ .

We also want to highlight that it comes with a combined detergent dispenser tray (All in one) so that we do not have to worry about whether we are adding too much or too little detergent.

Maximize your possibilities with the Home Connect app

As good techies that we are, one quality that we really like about this appliance is that it comes with  WiFi connectivity so that we can use it from the Home Connect app  . It is not a matter of a whim or of believing ourselves to be the most modern. This really allows us to get much more out of it and make it more durable, since we can add new functions to it as they are developed.

We also have  deferred programming up to 24 hours , which we can configure from the device itself or from this app. Controlling your appliances remotely or monitoring them is something very useful and that we can do thanks to the Home Connect app.

Available programs

We have six programs available :

  • Echo 50ºC
  • Automatic 45ºC-65ºC
  • Intensive 70ºC
  • Fast 65ºC
  • Night 50ºC
  • Prewash (we can set our favorite program here)

Technical characteristics of the Bosch SMS4EMI00E

Dimensions 845 x 600 x 600mm
Weight 52kg
Color Stainless steel
Ability 13 services
trays 3
Guy Freestanding dishwasher
Screen yes, with buttons
  • leak protection
  • cup protection
  • Water backflow protection
  • child lock
Active Water Technology Yes
EcoSilence engine Yes
Noise level 44dB
Automatic door opening Yes
extra features
  • efficient drying
  • Half load
  • SpeedPerfect+
Detergent dosing Combined detergent dispenser tray (All in one)
deferred scheduling Yes, up to 24 hours
connectivity Wifi
apps HomeConnect
Available programs
  • Echo 50ºC
  • Automatic 45ºC-65ºC
  • Intensive 70ºC
  • Fast 65ºC
  • Night 50ºC
  • Prewash (we can set our favorite program here)

This Bosch SMS4EMI00E is a dishwasher that leaves us very satisfied. Perhaps it is not the one with the greatest variety of programs, nor is it the most modern in terms of design, but it offers us many advantages that make us forget about the shortcomings. We can control and monitor it from the mobile thanks to its WiFi connectivity and the Home Connect app, it is silent, it has a good interior capacity and it is very well distributed and of course it washes and dries well. You can not ask for more from a model that is also not particularly expensive. It is true that it is not one of the cheapest, but it does offer a very well balanced value for money so that we get just what we expected from it.

  • very good capacity
  • Comes with cutlery trays
  • Easy to clean
  • very good power
  • Six preset programs
  • Various extra features
  • very easy to use
  • leak protection
  • Can put half load
  • Good value for money
  • makes very little noise
  • We can program it to start at the time that suits us best
  • With Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The design is not very modern
  • The screen is not touch