Bosch TDS8060, an ironing center for the most demanding

Bosch Tds8060 Cabecera.jpg
Bosch Tds8060 Cabecera.jpg

Ironing is a tedious task, it is true, but it is often necessary and, therefore, brands like Bosch have manufactured products designed to make life easier, such as the ironing center. Bosch TDS8060, which adapts to any type of fabric. Next, you will see that this ironing center has very interesting features for all those who consider themselves demanding when it comes to maintaining, preparing and caring for their clothes.

Bosch TDS8060

The Bosch TDS8060 is an ironing center designed for the most demanding when it comes to what they look for when ironing their clothes. It has several very useful features that undoubtedly include the VarioComfort technology, consisting of 8 intuitive and easy-to-use programs, which are already predefined and are designed to iron all types of fabrics using the combination of temperature and steam according to their characteristics for best results. In addition, it has a function called i-Team for when we do not know for sure what the fabric of the garment is. With her, I know will set a single temperature that will allow you to iron any type of fabric, guaranteeing maximum security.

His autonomy is unlimited and has a 1.8 liter tank water capacity and one 2400 W power next to 7.2 bar vapor pressure. This, in turn, is constant in 120 grams per minute, but we can also use a 520 gram boost that are distributed in three powerful jets of pressurized steam.
All this together with other very useful and indispensable functions such as the Secure, which will automatically disconnect the device if we are not using it, or the ECHO to save water and electricity.

Finally, we have to mention your base Ceranium Glissèe that allows comfortable movement and does scratch resistant and his anti-scale system which will extend the useful life of the appliance. To save it, you will only have to activate your system SecureLock, which will anchor the iron to the ironing center and you will be able to transport and store it without problems. The content of the product box includes the ironing center itself, a filling glass and an instruction manual.

General characteristics of the Bosch TDS8060

Bosch TDS8060
Dimensions 26.2 x 47 x 32 cm
Weight 4.9 Kg
Colour White and blue
Power 2400 W
Pressure 7.2 bar
Steam boost 520 g
Constant steam 120 g / min
Deposit 1.8 liters

Opinions from the Bosch TDS8060

The Bosch TDS8060 is a very useful ironing center that does what it promises. White and blue in color, it is easy and comfortable to handle. Its functions allow work with any type of fabric and the results are more than acceptable. Without a doubt, its least strong point is the price, since it is not a particularly cheap product, but if you are one of the most demanding when ironing your clothes and you usually iron them regularly, it will undoubtedly compensate you. In addition, its locking system will allow you to transport it comfortably wherever you want, and its base will guarantee easy handling, which translates into less time ironing and without having to worry about scratches or deformations due to its resistance.

Bosch TDS8060

Availability and price of the Bosch TDS8060

If you are interested in acquiring this ironing center, you have it available at PcComponentes, El Corte Inglés, Amazon and Ebay.


But if what you are looking for is an iron and not an ironing center as such, the Siemens TSI803210 may interest you.

  • Good results on all types of fabrics.
  • Easy handling and use.

  • It is not the cheapest.

Total score