Bosch WIW24305ES, is this a good built-in washing machine?

bosch wiw24305es, is this a good built in washing machine
bosch wiw24305es, is this a good built in washing machine

The Bosch WIW24305ES or Bosch Series 6 WIW24305ES is a white built-in washing machine, with a capacity of 8 kg and 1200 rpm. This Bosch washing machine , in turn, is very efficient, as it enjoys a class of C in energy efficiency. If you want to meet her, be sure to read what we have to tell you about her.

We are talking about the Bosch WIW24305ES

The Bosch WIW24305ES or Bosch Series 6 WIW24305ES, as we have already mentioned, is an integrated washing machine, which means that it has been designed to adapt to the design and furnishings of your kitchen. This washing machine, in turn, has a capacity of 8 kg, as well as a spin speed of up to 1200 rpm with an energy efficiency class of C.

This washing machine, among other features, has been built with an EcoSilence motor which, in turn, has been manufactured with fewer components, so its parts do not rub against each other as much, it does not have to make as much effort and, above all, it does not makes so much noise.

In any case, it also comes with anti-vibration panels that not only give it more stability, but also reduce vibrations, making it a very quiet washing machine and, therefore, you can use it at the times that best suit you without fear of disturbing you. neither to the neighbors nor to those who are at home.

This model also comes with ActiveWater technology, which is a technology that guarantees perfect results by adjusting the necessary parameters for each wash cycle.

Thanks to its sensors, the washing machine is capable of adapting the water it needs, based on the type of fabric that we have inserted and, above all, on the quantity. In addition, it also detects the degree of dirt so as not to waste detergent, so, ultimately, it will help you save resources and without giving up the results you are looking for.

Bosch WIW24305ES

Wash faster and take care of clothes

Another advantage of this washing machine is that it comes with SpeedPerfect technology, which promises perfect results in just half the time. Many times we do not have much time to do the laundry, but we need certain clean clothes as soon as possible.

With the SpeedPerfect function, combining it with most of the programs that the washing machine comes with, you will be able to reduce the washing time, without giving up good results. In other words, imagine that you are using the Mix program, if you activate the SpeedPerfect function, you will be able to wash up to 4 kg of laundry in just 46 minutes.

Also, this washing machine comes with the always useful Pause + Load function. Thanks to this function, you no longer have to worry about forgetting something. With it, you can stop the washing cycle, if it allows it, and open the washing machine to insert what you have forgotten.

From a sock to a bathrobe, this function gives you a lot of flexibility. Then, by closing the door and pressing the start button again, the cycle will continue until it ends.

To all these characteristics we must add the VarioDrum drum, specially designed for the most delicate clothes. This drum has been built with a special design with asymmetric blades that gently and efficiently wash any type of laundry.

The water, therefore, is distributed evenly throughout the drum and, as its structure has a drop-shaped design, the clothes do not wear out as much. In this way, the dirtiest garments can be washed intensively and the most delicate ones can also be washed more gently.

Bosch WIW24305ES

In summary

In short, the Bosch WIW24305ES is a washing machine with a class C in energy efficiency, 8 kg of load capacity and 1200 revolutions per minute. With its EcoSilence motor, it can be described as a silent and efficient washing machine and the brand offers us up to 10 years of warranty.

It comes with special programs such as the fast 15/30 minute, drain, or shirts/blouses, as well as functions such as SpeedPerfect to reduce washing time, Start/Pause+Load, spin or exclusion of the spin.

The clothes are distributed perfectly inside thanks to the automatic 3G system and with its ActiveWaterPlus technology , water is consumed efficiently and sustainably, even if we wash small loads, thanks to its automatic detection.

Likewise, it is an easy-to-install washing machine, with front leveling adjustment of the rear legs and the furniture door can also be installed both on the right and on the left. All this with the AquaStop security system to prevent water leaks.

Bosch WIW24305ES

Features of the Bosch Series 6 WIW24305ES

Device dimensions: height x width x depth (without door): 818x596x544
Maximum capacity in kg (EU 2017/1369): 8.0
Spin-drying efficiency of the eco 40-60 program (EU 2017/1369): C
Energy efficiency class (norm (EU) 2017/1369): C
Programs: Progr Prend of wool – Lav man, Progr Prend of delicate fabrics, Progr Prend of very delicate fabric, Progr Rop blanc/col tej resist
Cotton Programs: 40°C, 60°C, 60°C Prewash, cold
Synthetic fabric programs: 40°C, 60°C predrying
Wash Options: Rinse, Jackets, drain / spin, Start + pause/load, rapid/mix, selectable revolutions, Super 15 min / Super 30 min, finished, Vario Speed
Remaining time indication: Yes
Deferred programming option: Continuous
Airborne noise emissions (EU 2017/1369): 66
Door hinge: Left
Water leak protection system: Multiple water protection
Tank lighting: Yes
Power cord length (cm): 210
Languages ​​available on the display: Spanish, Portuguese, Symbols
Homologation certifications: CE, VDE
Airborne noise emission class (EU 2017/1369): A

Reviews of the Bosch WIW24305ES

This washer is pretty good value for money. It offers very good washing results as well as being very easy to handle. In fact, it is a washing machine that is quite efficient, and we can see it in its energy efficiency class, in addition to the fact that it has a good variety of programs.

Therefore, if there is a negative point to be mentioned, we could point out that it does not have an automatic dispenser and the maximum load cannot be used with all programs.

Bosch WIW24305ES

  • Good value for money.
  • Good washing results.
  • Very easy to handle.
  • Pretty efficient.
  • Variety of programs.
  • It does not have a self-dispenser.
  • Maximum load cannot be used with all programs.