Braun Series 1 130s-1, shaver for demanding beginners


Shaving is part of any man’s daily life, no doubt, but not because it is an everyday task, it makes it less tedious. Braun presents us an electric razor aimed at those who are starting with this type of shave. The Braun Series 1 130s-1 promises a close and comfortable shave at a very affordable price.

Braun 130s-1 Electric Shaver

Shaver Braun Series 1 130s-1 ensures an effective shave when skin flush. From easy drive, this shaver has a robust body, composed of a wide handle that conforms to the shape of the hand and a head in which the blades of the blades are ultrafine to ensure a greater closeness and avoid skin irritation. It is also a wide but thin head, designed to reach the more difficult areas.

The Braun 130s-1 electric shaver also has an accessory to trim longer hair; it is 100% waterproof, which allows us to clean it easily and simply after shaving and has a automatic voltage adapter. It is not wireless, so bring a cable to connect it to the current and is accompanied by a protective cover and cleaning brush.

Braun 130s-1 cover

General characteristics

Braun 130s-1 Electric Shaver
Dimensions 15.5 x 5.7 x 22.2 cm
Weight 331 g
Characteristics • Ultra thin sheets

• Fine precision head

• 100% waterproof

• Automatic voltage adapter

• Color: black with blue details

Accessories • Built-in: long hair trimming attachment

• Cable to connect to the current

• Protective cover

• Cleaning brush

Opinions of the Braun 130s-1 electric shaver

While it is true that the Braun brand is usually synonymous with quality, despite the fact that this shaver allows a comfortable and easy handling, we have to highlight some points that have not convinced us. First of all, although it is a product designed for beginners, not suitable for all hair types. Those with a stronger beard will take longer to achieve the desired result, since the blades, being so thin, they do not cut the most resistant hair in a first pass. What’s more, not being wireless it can be annoying to the most demanding.

However, for young people and men with fine or recent hair, it is a great ally in their first steps with an electric razor. Its easy handling and maintenance, as well as its economic price make it an option to consider.

Braun 130s-1 head

Braun 130s-1 shaving head

Braun Series 1 130s-1 Availability and Pricing

Available in black with blue details, we can find the Braun 130s-1 electric shaver at a very affordable price in trusted stores such as Amazon or PcComponentes.

Braun 130s-1 shaver accessories

Braun Series 1 130s-1 Accessories

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  • Comfortable handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Economical price

  • Not suitable for all hair types
  • It is not wireless

Total score