Bridal bouquets, the best gift to congratulate the bride and groom

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Ramos De Flores De Novia2 1.jpg

In recent times it is becoming very fashionable to congratulate the newlyweds by giving them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And it is that if there is a complement that can never be missing on the wedding day, it is the bridal bouquets. You can take advantage of and congratulate the bride or the couple a few days before the ceremony or even during the celebration. Its about perfect present to celebrate the union of two beings who love each other. An original and different memory, with which you show what you feel to the bride and groom, while congratulating them on their wedding.

Bridal bouquets, an original gift

It has to be said that Many times these bridal bouquets are used to give money to the new married couple in a special way. Although the most common is to deposit the money directly into an account or at other times put it in an envelope and deliver it during the reception, there are other more creative ways to do it. For example, giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a personalized dedication, which includes a “flower” made with banknotes.

A nice souvenir from the wedding

But in addition to sending flowers to the bride, groom or partner, also It is usually used to give a bouquet to the parents of the bride and groom, the godmother or the bridesmaids, so that they keep a nice souvenir from the wedding. Many people decide to give flowers at weddings because they know their deep symbolism, since they have always been associated with Love, Purity and Friendship, as well as Beauty and Fertility. As you can see, the values ​​they express have made flowers an essential gift, regardless of the occasion.

Surprise your partner on your anniversary

And if you want to surprise your partner on your anniversary, there is nothing more romantic than giving them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Also in this case, flowers will be the best ally for lovers who want to demonstrate once again the deep love they feel for their “better half”. By making this gift, you will be telling your partner that you continue to love them like the first day, and that for you your relationship is the most important thing in life.

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What flowers to give at a wedding?

You are probably wondering what flowers to give at a wedding or for him home. As each flower has its own language, a special meaning, which allows us to express different emotions and feelings, depending on the type of flower and its color. In general, it can be said that white flowers are the most appreciated as a gift in this new stage of their lives.

Red roses

Bouquet of red roses

The White roses for example, they are a symbol of purity, fidelity and innocence. With them you long for the couple that their union last forever. While the white lilies, are more related to innocence and virginity. Also they bouquets of red roses for weddings they are very popular, because they represent feelings such as Love and Passion. But you will also find other flowers and colors equally appropriate, for congratulate the bride and groom on their wedding.