Buying a toaster: Tips for choosing the best model for you

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comprar tostador.jpg

Buying a toaster may seem like a very easy task, but we recommend that you stop a couple of times and think about this new acquisition. If you are one of those who eat toast for breakfast or snack almost daily, choosing one toaster or another can make a difference. Therefore, in this mini guide to buy a toaster we want to help you ask yourself the basic questions you need to find your perfect model.

Guide to buying a toaster in 5 steps

The first thing you have to think about is How many people are you going to use it?. If you live alone or as a couple, a smaller model will suffice, while if you are a family of at least four members, the ideal is that it is a little larger so that you can prepare all the toasts at the same time and save time.

The second point is the power. The more power the toaster has, the better and faster it will heat up. The recommended power range is currently 800 W – 1400 W.

The third aspect to assess before buying a toaster is the roast format. It can be double-sided (like the Bosch TAT6A001) so that it toasts both sides of the bread at the same time, which helps you save time but has the disadvantage that it does not accept all types of bread, or rack type, both vertical and horizontal. In addition to this, also see if it has any ejection system. It can be a manual or automatic lever or button, so you will prevent the bread from burning or, worse, from burning yourself when you remove it.

And finally, we recommend that you look at a model that has removable crumb tray. When toasting different types of bread it is common for many crumbs to fall, so if the toaster itself gives you the option of all falling in one place that is easy to clean, all the better.