Can the Government force you to put the air conditioning at 27 degrees?

can the government force you to put the air conditioning at 27 degrees
can the government force you to put the air conditioning at 27 degrees

Yesterday, the  first measures of the Government’s Energy Savings Plan were made public , which has already been approved by the Council of Ministers. These measures will come into force from the day after their publication in the Royal Decree and will last until  November 2023 . Companies will have the margin of a week to adapt to them, but  what about private households? Can they also force us to adopt certain measures?

Teresa Ribera, Minister for the Transition, has warned that these first measures will not be the only ones and that more will soon be announced to contribute to this necessary energy saving. But for the moment it seems that you will be able to continue with the maxim of “your house, your laws”.

No, you won’t have to set the air conditioner to 27 degrees

But maybe you want to do it after knowing the energy savings (and, therefore, economic) that it can bring you. As stated yesterday in the Council of Ministers, each degree that increases in air conditioning helps save  7% energy . This, in economic terms, also translates into significant help for families.

Although companies will be obliged to have the air conditioning at least at 27 degrees and the heating at a maximum of 19 degrees, indoors, in your home, you can continue to put your air conditioning equipment as you like.

air conditioning at 27 degrees

Turning off shop windows and checking boilers

In addition, this package of first measures has also included the obligation to  turn off the shop windows after 10 p.m. and to have more frequent checks on the boilers to detect abnormal functioning. In addition, automatic door closing systems must be implemented  to prevent doors from being left open and the air conditioning inside is wasted, and  teleworking is recommended .