Candy CHICS 5182WN, a cheap combi with good qualities

candy chics 5182wn, a cheap combi with good qualities
candy chics 5182wn, a cheap combi with good qualities

If you are looking for a good, nice and cheap refrigerator, take a look at this  Candy CHICS 5182WN that we have hunted today on sale and that offers a content balance of features with a price that matches almost any pocket. It is not the most technologically advanced and it will not be the most beautiful either, but it is always welcome that manufacturers offer options for all budgets and needs.

In this article we are going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this Candy model that offers a lot for very little. In addition, we have also hunted down its best prices so that you can buy it today spending as little as possible, always in trusted stores. Let’s go there!

Candy CHICS 5182WN design

This Candy CHICS 5182WN has dimensions of  1800 x 550 x 560 mm and a weight of 49 kg . It is a slightly lower model in height than the average, so it can come in handy if you do not have much space in your kitchen or even if you live in an apartment with a very narrow and low staircase and it is impossible for you to enter your home. a larger model (it may seem almost anecdotal, but there are more homes than we think that have this problem, especially in very old homes).

Available in a single  white colour , this  free-standing combi unit  has the refrigerator on top and the freezer on the bottom. Its total net capacity is  262 liters , distributed in  191 liters for the refrigerator and 71 liters for the freezer. The door is reversible , so that we can place it in the place of the kitchen that best suits us and the direction in which the door opens is not a hindrance. By default it is placed on the right side, so if you need to change it, it is important that you indicate it when ordering in case the store has the service of changing the direction of the hinge.

Of course, it has  interior LED lighting so that we can see all our food without problems. The  handles are integrated and  it does not have an external screen to control the temperature of this appliance, something that we do miss, as we also miss having  a cold water and/or ice dispenser or some connectivity option .

Candy CHICS 5182WN

This Candy CHICS 5182WN model has a very interesting and well-finished interior layout so that this cut in dimensions does not affect its interior too much. We have  four shelves that we can adjust in height so that all the food that we want to put in it can fit, regardless of its height, as well as  a drawer and three shelves in the door. For its part, in the freezer area we have  three drawers to store our frozen tupperware, meat, fish, ice cream, etc.

A pretty basic model.

This Candy appliance stands out for being very cheap, but this also means that its technical specifications have suffered a significant cut. For example,  we do not have No Frost technology , so we will have to defrost at least once a year because little by little frost will form. It is a feature that is becoming more common in this type of model and the truth is that the strange thing is that it does not include it, as in this case, so it is important to highlight it so that you take into account this important lack. Is it essential? No. But it solves your life quite a bit if it exists.

Yes, we can highlight as an advantage that it has a storage time in case of power failure of  12 hours . That is, if for some reason you run out of electricity or if you have to disconnect it for any reason, you will have this margin time so that your food does not spoil while the power is restored.

Another advantage is that it is quite quiet, with a noise level according to the manufacturer of  40 dB . On the side of the energy efficiency section, it offers an  F value .

In short, it is a model that does not offer any remarkable extras and that lacks the most basic technical specifications (such as the  Vacation Function , the anti-frost system, fast freezing or cooling, etc.). Yes, it has a fairly cheap price, without a doubt its main advantage.

Technical characteristics of the Candy CHICS 5182WN

Dimensions 1800 x 550 x 560mm
Weight 49kg
Colour White
Type Free installation combi
reversible doors Yes
integrated handles Yes
interior LED lighting Yes
outer screen Do not
Ice and cold water dispenser Do not
connectivity Do not
Interior distribution Fridge:

  • 4 x height adjustable shelves
  • 1x drawer
  • 3 x door shelves


  • 3x drawers
Total net capacity 262 liters
Refrigerator net capacity 191 liters
Freezer net capacity 71 liters
No Frost Technology Do not
holiday function Do not
Fast Cooling Function Do not
Noise level 40dB
Energy efficiency F

This Candy CHICS 5182WN is an affordable model and also quite modest in technical specifications. It has interior LED lighting and the possibility that the food in the freezer will not be spoiled in the event of a power failure, but in return we have some quite important shortcomings, such as the absence of No Frost technology, or others that, although not yet very common, always like to have them, such as WiFi connectivity.

If you are looking for a cheap model, with a small size but adequate capacity, without caring much that it has specific technologies, this may be a good option for you. It is also interesting for rented flats or second homes.

  • Low price
  • reversible doors
  • interior LED lighting
  • Silent
  • Only available in one color
  • It does not have a cold water dispenser.
  • Does not have any connectivity option
  • It does not have an anti-frost system
  • Few technologies to better preserve food
  • It does not have an external screen.
  • reduced capacity