Cecotec Conga Series 1190, you still do not know this robot vacuum cleaner?

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cecotec conga serie 1190 cabecera.jpg

Having a robot vacuum cleaner and not spending much is not at odds with Cecotec. The Cecotec Conga Series 1190 It is the hybrid robot that will sweep and scrub your home whenever you want. Very easy to control and use, it will become your best ally against dirt.

Cecotec Conga Series 1190

The Cecotec Conga Series 1190 is a robot hybrid vacuum cleaner designed in black color and that enjoys great benefits such as that of mapping, consisting of the memorization of each corner thanks to its different sensors, to carry out a professional job and the possibility of scrubbing and sweeping at the same time. This robot is capable of total cleaning on all types of surfaces. 100% efficient and it does it in such a silent way that it will surprise you and you can even decide areas or rooms for which you want it to clean.

Likewise, the Cecotec Conga 1190, is a 4 in 1 robot, that is, it sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs, being able to do it simultaneously. The programming that you can do with it is weekly and offers you an intelligent and orderly navigation thanks to the iTech Gyro technology, which allows you to go under furniture, detect obstacles and avoid falls due to unevenness. The Cecotec Conga 1190 comes with an EPA filter that, in turn, retains dust and allergens, thus providing a much cleaner environment. You will also find that by memorizing the route, you will always find the fastest and most efficient route to return to your charging base directly after cleaning is complete.

The Cecotec Conga Series 1190 has the Cleaner Delux system, which gives you up to 3 levels of scrubbing with always perfect results and that we put below taken from its website:

“High” mode: perfect for deep scrubbing on surfaces that need higher flow, such as kitchen floors.

Mode “Medium”: ideal for daily scrubbing.

Mode “Low”: performs a superficial scrubbing and is also perfect for more delicate floors.

As you will see, the Cecotec Conga Series 1190 scrubs for you thanks to the system Wash4You with which it is capable of intelligent scrubbing by controlling the water level, pressure and dosing the flow through the booster pump technology. This robot will keep the mop always wet in the most suitable way for impeccable results and with the Circle Start it will finish the job by completely soaking it and cleaning in concentric circles. This Twin Floor mop of two materials guarantees the best finish, without forgetting that it is capable of scrubbing the floor and vacuuming at the same time and that it includes 2 tanks, one for solids of 300 ml and another for liquids with a space for 300 ml liquids.

Without forgetting your DEEPCLEANING exclusive mode, which makes the robot use Gyro mode first, which you will see below, to remove 100% dirt from the surface and then go through all the points again to insist on cleanliness and clear the room from it. The other 7 cleaning modes that it has and that adapt to all types of surfaces and needs are:

Gyro mode– Clean 100% of the surface neatly and intelligently and return to the charging base by the fastest route.

Auto mode: the robot will clean the whole house in a deep way, even going as far as to vacuum with maximum power several times at specific places in each room.

Edge mode: one of the dirtiest areas is usually the edges or baseboards. For this reason, the Conga range of robots has a special mode to remove all the dirt accumulated around the walls and furniture.

DeepCleaning mode: This mode performs multiple passes neatly and intelligently to remove stubborn dirt, performing a thorough cleaning.

Area mode: In case of having dirt accumulated in a single point, the robot will clean a 2 x 2 area. For example, if you are cooking and a pot of flour is overturned. Select area mode and the robot will remove dirt instantly.

Back home: it is activated automatically when the robot is finishing cleaning or the battery is running low, while it returns to the charging base it continues to finish cleaning to remove the last traces of dirt that may remain. In addition, you can also activate this mode manually from your remote control.

Manual mode: it will help you remove dirt in specific spots instantly.

All this with a power of 1400pa suction and the ForceImplode system that will ensure that no type of dirt can resist it. Forget about cleaning yourself by programming it in the 24 hours of the day and during the 7 days of the week and do not worry about having to review the cleaning, because the Brush pro technology will remove the most encrusted dirt and will thoroughly clean the dirt from rugs and carpets, all with 3 power levels: eco, for superficial cleaning with minimal consumption; normal mode, for daily cleaning and turbo mode, for deep cleaning.

Features of the Cecotec Conga 1190 Series

Cecotec Conga Series 1190
Brand Cecotec
Model Conga Series 1190
Reference 05133
Navigation iTech Gyro
Cleaning modes 7
Solids tank capacity 300 ml
Liquid tank capacity 300 ml
Drums Lithium-Ion 14.4 and 2600 mAh
Autonomy 160 min
Loading time 3-4 hours
Filters Epa and filter mesh

Opinions from the Cecotec Conga Series 1190

It is a good robot vacuum cleaner and, as it is a hybrid, in addition to cleaning dirt dry, you can also scrub different surfaces with it. However, your deposit ands smaller than other top models, because it has a 300 m capacityl for both powder and liquid and its results are not as good if you have pets at home. A significant amount of hair could cause tangles in your brush. For the rest, although it does not bring an application to see how the cleaning process is going or give it orders, it is true that it is programmable 7 days a week in a 24-hour range, something very useful so that we do not have to clean ourselves. .

Availability and price of the Cecotec Conga Series 1190

You can find it in the Cecotec Store, as well as in PcComponentes and Amazon.

If you want to save a little more, you can always take a look at older models, like the Cecotec Conga Seria 1090.

  • Easy to use.
  • Hybrid robot.
  • Good value for money.

  • It is not controlled by application.

Total score


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