Cecotec Mambo 7090, a good kitchen robot with interesting functions

Cecotec Mambo 7090 Cabecera.jpg
Cecotec Mambo 7090 Cabecera.jpg

It has several names: Cecotec Mambo 7090, Mambo Cecotec 7090 or Mambo 7090. However, it is the same food processor with great features. Cecotec presents an appliance designed to make life easier for you in the kitchen and with up to 30 functions to prepare the recipes that you want.

Cecotec Mambo 7090 review

The Mambo Cecotec 7090 or Mambo 7090 is the kitchen robot that will become your best ally when it comes to unleashing your creativity and your taste in cooking. Thanks to this practical kitchen appliance, you can prepare exquisite menus and your favorite recipes, either by yourself or with your family and friends in a quick and easy way. In addition, you will not have to worry about the laziness of having to clean the jug afterwards, since it is dishwasher safe, so you can cook every day without effort.

The Mambo Cecotec 7090 or Mambo 7090 makes your life easier by cooking for you, so you can enjoy your time however you want or invest it in what really matters to you. This practical multifunction food processor brings 30 functions, which means that you will have no limit when preparing your recipes or carrying out more elaborate dishes. These 30 functions correspond to chopping, mincing, blending, shredding, sautéing, grinding, pulverizing, grating, reheating, whipping, yogurt maker, whipping, emulsifying, mixing, cooking, stirring, steaming, poaching, confit, kneading, cooking with low heat, boil, keep warm, ferment, SlowMambo, precision cooking grade by grade, bain-marie cooking, slow cooker, zero speed and the ever-helpful turbo function.

Another of the most remarkable features that the Cecotec Mambo 7090 has is, as we have previously advanced, its water-resistant and dishwasher-safe pitcher. Therefore, using this food processor will be much more comfortable for you. This high-quality stainless steel jug is dishwasher safe, which means once you’re done cooking, all you have to do is worry about eating and enjoying your food, as you won’t have to spend time scrubbing after . Let your dishwasher clean for you and take advantage of having the Cecotec Mambo 7090 carafe always ready for when you need it.

Likewise, its functions allow you enjoy cutting-edge technology with traditional flavor results, that is to say, the comfort and innovation offered by the Cecotec Mambo 7090 is compatible with the recipes of a lifetime, since you can make use of zero speed. This function allows you to cook and fry without having to set a speed, as you would with the pot or pan and, in addition, you can also cook without a lid.

As for other useful functions, you can get perfect stir-fries and appetizing using a higher temperature when you want to use it, since that point is achieved with the highest temperature and maximum power. Also you can make perfect doughs thanks to the kneading spoon Cecotec Mambo 7090. This spoon is specially designed to perform the kneading function. As it does not have a sharp part, it does not cut the dough, making it possible to prepare more homogeneous doughs with greater volume. All this in the 3.4 liter jug of maximum capacity, so that you do not have to worry about repeating elaborations and that, also, has a 4 anchor point system.

Cecotec Mambo 7090

In fact, with the Cecotec Mambo 7090 you can make up to 4 preparations at the same time, since it incorporates a boiling basket so that you can prepare four preparations simultaneously. That is, you can cook in the jug while you prepare other foods in the basket and steamer. This guarantees, without a doubt, a great saving of time and effort, and will allow you to enjoy all your freshly made preparations. And, speaking of recipes, it is good that you know that you will be able to find endless of them in the Cecotec online community. In fact, although includes a complete cookbook, Cecotec prepares new recipes for you every week that you can follow on the online platform. Don’t lose sight of the interactive social community, is a great source of recipes, where lovers of the kitchen share and discover countless recipes.

It uses its intelligent heating power, whose system ranges from 0 to 10 levels. Thanks to him you will get great results, since you can from simulating traditional fire with soft flame, until using medium or strong power depending on your needs, which prevents overheating and prevents food from sticking or burning. All this taking advantage of the maximum performance of the Cecotec Mambo 7090 both at high and low speeds. Its motor is double gear and takes advantage, without reinforcement, of all the performance of the device, even if you use high and low temperatures. Thanks to this, making large and homogeneous doughs will be very easy, since this engine is super powerful, so it can handle any preparation, in addition to enjoying a longer useful life.

Cecotec Mambo 7090

Features of the Mambo Cecotec 7090

Cecotec Mambo 7090
Brand Cecotec
Model Mambo 7090
Description Multifunction food processor
Reference 04130
EAN code 8435484041300
Temperature 37th – 120ºC
Ability 3.3 liters
Jug material Stainless steel
Weight 5.05 kg
Measures 39.5 x 25 x 33 cm
Voltage 220-240 V
Power 1700 W
Accessories Mambo Food Processor, MamboMix Spoon, Boiling Basket, Butterfly, Two-Tier Steamer, Spatula
Recipe book Yes

Opinions from the Cecotec Mambo 7090

The Cecotec Mambo 7090 boasts a very good value for money. Have enough functions and easy to use, although PYou may have a problem with the central button, which must be removed for it to work properly. In another point, it should be mentioned that the recipe book is not well specified, so it is advisable to consult them online. The results it offers are very good, so it is a kitchen robot that is worth a look.

Cecotec Mambo 7090

Availability and price of the Cecotec Mambo 7090

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  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Good results.
  • Easy to use.

  • You may have problems with the center button.
  • Unclear and specific recipe manual.