Cecotec power espresso 20, prepare not one, but two coffees at the same time.

Cecotec Power Espresso 20 Cabecera.jpg
Cecotec Power Espresso 20 Cabecera.jpg

A good coffee maker cannot be missing in any good kitchen that boasts. While in the market we can find quite a few models with different functions, today we are going to take a look at the Cecotec brand and we will talk about a coffee maker that, among other peculiarities, will allow us to prepare two coffees simultaneously. We refer to the Cecotec power espresso 20.

Cecotec power espresso 20

The Cecotec power espresso 20 is a espresso coffee maker thought to prepare all kinds of coffees at the push of a button. Its main feature is that it includes a arm with double outlet and two filter holders to prepare both one and two coffees at the same time.

This coffee maker itself has a 20 bar pressure pump and one 850 W power power, which helps to create a cream suitable for the most demanding and the maximum aroma. It also has a cup warming surface used to store and heat the cups before to avoid the thermal contrast that causes the intensity and aroma to be lost. His steerable vaporizerIt brings protection both to use it, and to froth milk, pour hot water for infusions, heat other drinks and prepare different coffees such as cappuccinos. We can control all this and know at all times what you are doing thanks to your indicator lights for each function.

In addition to all this, it includes a measuring spoon with presser for coffee, a removable water tank with 1.5 liter capacity and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.
This coffee maker is suitable for both ground coffee and ESE pods. You won’t have to worry about which version is your favorite, thanks to its security valve, it will automatically release the pressure.

General characteristics of the Cecotec power espresso 20

Cecotec power espresso 20
Brand Cecotec
Model Power Espresso 20
Description Coffee maker
Voltage 230/50 Hz
Measures 25 × 28.5 × 29 cm
Weight 3.58 Kg
Pressure pump 20 bar
Power 850 W
Contents Coffee maker

Measuring spoon with press

2 filters (for one or two coffees)


Opinions of the Cecotec power espresso 20

It is a fairly inexpensive coffee maker for the benefits it offers. With it you can prepare both coffees and other drinks and two of the most striking features is its hot-cup holder, with which we can keep the cups warm before the drink spills and thus avoid the contrast of cold and the possibility of prepare two coffees at the same time. However, and unlike other coffee machines that automatically adapt to each drink and, therefore, prepare the amount of water etcetera, in this, is the user who has to find the right measure, based on your needs, and through trial and error tests.

Another drawback that can be quite annoying is the fact that, when he prepares the coffee, it vibrates a lot, with which, it is necessary to handle it with care.

Cecotec power espresso 20

Availability and price of the Cecotec power espresso 20

You can find the Cecotec power espresso 20 coffee machine in black at Amazon.


Although if what you are looking for is a smaller coffee maker that offers good performance and without complications, here we leave you the Krups XN110B Essenza Mini, practical and compact, or the Ufesa CE7141.

  • Possibility of making 2 coffees at the same time.
  • It is used to make other drinks, such as herbal teas.
  • Cup warmer support.

  • It cannot be used automatically.
  • When it is working it vibrates quite a bit.