Cecotec Ultraflex 25: So you can have your own gym at home

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If confinement and the pandemic in general taught us something, it is that it is very good to travel, visit the top restaurants in the city or have a super intense social life, but the really important thing is to feel comfortable in our own home. For this reason, since 2020 the sales of those products that allow us to make our home more versatile have skyrocketed. We have turned it into the office, the leisure center and also the gym. Now, it hurts less to spend money on those equipment that will allow us to enjoy our home more. The lockdowns already seem a bit far away, but we have learned the true meaning of the word HOME. Why do we bring you this reflection today? Because we want to tell you about the Cecotec Ultraflex 25, a product that is sweeping sales and whose objective is precisely to give more value to your home.

Home gym? Why not? It is a perfect option to stay active even when you don’t have time to go outside or when it is very hot or cold outside. In addition to helping you control your weight, exercising you already know that it has many advantages over our health, so it is important that you maintain an active routine. If you want to know what this Cecotec Ultraflex 25 can offer you and what its characteristics are, we will detail them below.

Design of the Cecotec Extreme Ultraflex 25

This machine Cecotec is a indoor bike that allows you to personalize your training and adapt it to your needs and physical characteristics. In its design, it stands out in the first place for the search for ergonomics. It is created so that your posture is the best during your training, so that you can avoid further fatigue or even injury. Incorporates a height-adjustable triathlon handlebar covered in non-slip foam to get a better grip, as well as a padded sports saddle also adjustable in height and in distance. For their part, pedals with toe clips They allow you to hold on to them with the peace of mind that you will not slip, so you can do your workouts both sitting and standing. At the base, it incorporates suction cups to adhere perfectly to any type of surface.

It has dimensions of 116 x 63 x 120 cm and a weight of 51.10 kg. It is very robust and stable, but since you see nothing light, you will need to have a room for it, since it will not be practical to want to move it every two by three. Bring some wheelsYes, to make this task easier for you, but believe us when we tell you that you will not want to move it before and after each workout. Regarding the weight it supports, it admits up to 120 kg.

Finally, in this section we want to highlight its LCD screen built-in, which allows you to see, during your training, data of interest such as time, speed, calories burned, distance traveled and heart rate.

Ultraflex system

The Cecotec Extreme Ultraflex 25 stands out for its Ultraflex system. What is it for? It is a cushioning system placed both in the front and in the rear that allows you to do a more dynamic exercise and give you the feeling that you are on an outdoor bike instead of being at home. Obviously it is not the same and if you look around you a little you will realize this, but less gives a stone and the fact is that the sensations that pedaling will give you are appreciated.

In addition, speaking of pedaling, it also incorporates the Silence Fit system, which makes pedaling quieter than other bikes. This is achieved thanks to the belt transmission system.

And at this point we also want to highlight the Security Brake system, which consists of an emergency braking system so that the machine stops immediately as soon as you press a button. This can help you prevent injuries.

Cecotec Ultraflex 25

With heart rate monitor and 25 kg flywheel

This Cecotec Extreme Ultraflex 25 allows you to customize your training to your needs, thanks to the variable resistance levels that can help you pedal simulating flat terrain, on slopes or descents. The resistance can be adjusted by means of a jog wheel so that you can change it at any time. You already know that the more advanced your level, the more resistance you should put in so that the exercise is at your level and helps you to demand more of yourself. To achieve your training goals, the 25 kg flywheel. This helps pedaling to be more agile and fluid, but also makes the exercise more intensive.

Finally, we highlight its heart rate monitor integrated in the handlebar, which helps us measure our heart rate while we are on the bike and thus we can monitor how we are doing to get the most out of our exercise.

Technical characteristics of the Cecotec Ultraflex 25

Cecotec Ultraflex 25
Dimensions 116 x 63 x 120 cm
Weight 51.1 kg
Colour Black with green details
Guy Indoor bike
Maximum weight supported 120 kg
Handlebar Height-adjustable triathlon covered in non-slip foam
Saddle Sports padded height and distance adjustable
Pedals With toe clips
Wheels Yes
LCD screen Yes (time, speed, calories consumed, distance traveled and heart rate)
Ultraflex system Yes
Silence Fit system Yes
Security Brake System Yes
Flywheel 25 kg
Variable resistance levels Yes
Pulsometer Yes

Availability and price of the Cecotec Ultraflex 25

If you are looking for a good bike, very robust and with many options to customize your workouts, this sports machine will help you stay healthy without leaving home. If you want to see more options, you can also take a look at the treadmill Hobitech RUN-TEC2020 It can help you complete in home gym.

  • Silent pedaling
  • With displays to see progress during exercise
  • Very robust
  • With integrated heart rate monitor
  • Workouts can be customized to suit all types of users and levels

  • Bulky, you will need a lot of space
  • Very heavy

Total score