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Cleanmaxx shirt ironer – out of stock at Lidl

planchador de camisas cleanmaxx.jpg
planchador de camisas cleanmaxx.jpg

Ironing is possibly one of the tasks that is always placed on the podium when asked what are the household chores that we hate doing the most. And if we talk about ironing shirts, the task can become quite an odyssey. Technology tries to help us with this widespread problem and brings us devices to help with the iron. A good example is this Cleanmaxx shirt ironer which is already out of stock at Lidl, but you can still buy on Amazon.

Features of the Cleanmaxx shirt ironer

The first thing that stands out about this model is its original shape. It is a kind of manikin on which we place the shirt. From the mannequin itself comes a steam system that promises to fight wrinkles and make the shirts iron themselves, without you having to do anything more than dress and undress this particular “doll”.

It has a power of 1,800 W And it is not only suitable for shirts, but also for any type of upper garment, such as t-shirts, blouses, sweaters … The only requirement is that the garment can be tumble dried, as otherwise it could be damaged. In fact, another of its advantages is that thanks to the steam not only does it iron, it also finishes drying the garment. This device has a size of 42.3 x 18.1 x 105 cm and a weight of 3.3 kg.

It is not a perfect ironing system, but it will help you have your laundry ready with less effort and wrinkles.

Availability and price

The Cleanmaxx shirt press is out of stock in the Lidl online store in record time. Its very low price has been one of the reasons for this success, since here it was being sold for only 59.99 euros.

You can also find it available on amazon for a more expensive price, but where they do currently have stock.

And if you want a conventional iron, the Rowenta Pro Style Care It may be a good choice.