CLEANmaxx Stiratrice, the revolution arrives with this ironing system

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cleanmaxx stiratrice, the revolution arrives with this ironing system

Last century our ancestors imagined the 2000s as a future worthy of science fiction. Flying cars, human-shaped robots getting rid of all the household chores… Well, we’ve had advances, but not exactly as the movies portrayed them. However, it cannot be denied that in matters of the home things have not evolved. You just have to see the  robot vacuum cleaners that have already crept into most homes, or this  CLEANmaxx Stiratrice , an  automatic iron that we want to talk to you about today, with which you can dry and smooth your clothes, yes, with some patience.

Design of this automatic iron

The first thing that strikes you about this CLEANmaxx Stiratrice is that its design is radically different from what you have seen so far in terms of plates. With dimensions of  59.4 x 39.4 x 53.8 cm  and a weight of  3.7 kg , this ironing machine only requires you to place the clothes on the mannequin and let it take care of the rest. Ironing is done automatically, so you can go to another part of the house to do other tasks or simply to rest.

CLEANmaxx Stiratrice

The assembly is very simple and it can be used with almost any size of clothing. It is available in  white color . Although this model is focused on upper garments, the accessory for lower garments, such as pants or skirts, can be purchased separately.

Power and functionality

With a power of  1,800 W , it offers us a double function:  drying and smoothing . The only requirement is that the garments are suitable for drying, so that they do not get damaged. It does not have a steam function , so drying and straightening is done quickly and easily. In fact, for best results, it is recommended that the garment is slightly damp, so this also helps us save time, energy and money by reducing the time the dryers are used.

The average time it takes to dry and straighten a shirt , for example,  is approximately five minutes . It has a  wheel  as a timer so that it turns itself off when it is finished.

CLEANmaxx Stiratrice

It is effective?

When these types of unknown and innovative products come out, it is common to have some skepticism. In this case, it must be clarified that  he does not do a flawless job . Drying does dry well, but the straightening result is not impeccable. It looks great? Perfectly. If you are not very fussy about the finish of the garments and do not go over the last wrinkle of the socks with the iron, then it can be a great help for you.

Technical characteristics of the CLEANmaxx Stiratrice

Dimensions 59.4 x 39.4 x 53.8cm
Weight 3.7kg
Color White
Accessories (Included) For upper garments (Possibility to buy separately) For lower garments
Function Dry and smooth
Wheel with timer
Valid for almost all sizes Yes
average working time Five minutes per item
Power 1,800W
steam function Nope

If you like to try the latest innovations in the field of Smart Home, you have to try this CLEANmaxx Stiratrice. It’s not cheap, it’s not perfect either. But if you are not a very perfectionist person and you value any help they can give you, it will help you save time and effort on household chores.

  • very easy to use
  • good power
  • It is used for different garments of different sizes
  • Only available in one color
  • No connectivity option
  • occupies a lot
  • High average time for each garment