Conga 1990 Connected, is this robot a good choice

conga 1990 connected, is this robot a good choice
conga 1990 connected, is this robot a good choice

The Conga 1990 Connected or Cecotec Conga 1990 Connected is a 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner at a good price with which you will keep your house clean. Be sure to see what this Cecotec vacuum cleaner offers you and to know all the benefits that it brings.

This is the Conga 1990 Connected

Robot vacuum cleaners such as the Conga 1990 Connected or Cecotec Conga 1990 Connected have become very popular due to the large amount of work they take from us. For this reason, we can find different types of robot vacuum cleaners, from those that only vacuum and sweep to those that combine other functions, such as the model that we will talk about today.

In his case, we see that it is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner and, specifically, a 4 in 1 , since it not only sweeps and vacuums, but also scrubs and mops, so it can clean wet and dry dirt.

In addition, one of the great advantages of this model is that it can be controlled through its application for smart devices, with which it will also be possible to select different cleaning modes, choose the suction or scrubbing power, as well as program the cleaning at the time we want and the days of the week we need.

Conga 1990 Connected

Powerful and versatile

The Conga 1990 Connected is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner, as it offers up to 1400 Pa that allow it to vacuum and collect all kinds of dirt. In this way, it will keep the different surfaces of our home clean. Likewise, with its 3 levels of scrubbing, we will obtain the results we expect depending on our needs at all times.

It is a versatile robot, since it can be controlled both with its application and with the virtual assistants of the moment: Alexa and Google Assistant. With its VirtualVoice technology we will be able to order certain voice commands that it will know how to interpret and, above all, obey, whether it is to start working or to return to its charging base.

At another point, it must be said that it is a good robot vacuum cleaner for homes with pets, since it comes with the BestFriend Care system, which consists of two brushes that can be interchanged and that have been specially designed to avoid tangles.

One of these brushes, therefore, is made of special rubber, so that with it you can remove hairs without problem from surfaces such as carpets or rugs. The other, double material, is used to work on other types of surfaces.

In this way, it also has 6 automatic programs so that it can adapt to any situation, as well as a Turbo Clean Carpet system that activates the maximum power when you walk over rugs or carpets. With this, these surfaces that are more difficult will be clean with a good result.

Conga 1990 Connected

Smart to adapt to the home

All in all, the Conga 1990 Connected comes with 3 power levels: Eco, Normal and Turbo mode. Each of them will serve us for different types of needs. For example, the Eco mode will help us with superficial dirt. Normal mode will help you clean every day and the Turbo is ideal for when a more thorough cleaning is needed.

The scrubbing system that this robot has is intelligent, called iWater, and it helps you control the water flow in up to 3 levels to be able to effectively clean different surfaces. Thus, together with the Twin Floor mop, made of two materials, the cleaning results will be professional.

As you can see, it is a very practical robot vacuum cleaner, but it also moves very well thanks to the iTech Smart 2.0 Technology. With it, it makes use of its anti-fall, anti-shock and proximity sensors to be able to move reliably around the home, and as it emits less than 64 dB due to its OnlySilence technology, it will clean in a fairly silent way.

Finally, it should be noted that it is a robot that has a fairly good autonomy, since it offers us up to 160 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. It can be scheduled 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you will no longer have an excuse to enjoy a clean home practically every day.

This, together with the ability to automatically return to its charging base when it finishes cleaning, as well as its design features, among which are its two large capacity tanks (for solid and liquid dirt) and its 2 brushes sides, make it an appliance that adapts to the home and the different circumstances that it encounters.

Conga 1990 Connected

Features of the Cecotec Conga 1990 Connected

Mark Cecotec
Model Conga 1990 Connected
Description Vacuum cleaner robot
Navigation technology iTech 2.0
Battery 14.4 V – 2600 mAh
Autonomy Up 160 minutes *
Loading time 3-4 hours
Voltage 100-240V
Weight 2.1 Kg
Suction power levels 3
Scrub levels 3
Operating modes 6
Scrubbing type Electronic control
Suction pressure Up to 1400 Pa
Overcome obstacles Yes, up to 20mm
Wheel material Rubber
Sound level <64 dB
Mixed tank capacity 300 ml (water) – 200 ml (solids)
Application No
Remote control Yes
Magnetic Strip No
Suitable for all surfaces Yes
Suitable for carpets Yes
24/7 programmable Yes
Suitable with Amazon Alexa Yes
Suitable with Google Assistant Yes
Automatic return home Yes
Bi-material mop Yes
Turbo mode on carpets Yes
Contents Robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaner
Multifunction brush (bristles and silicone)
BestFriend Care brush (silicone)
Mixed tank (solids and liquids)
tank 2 mops
4 side brushes
2 high-efficiency filters
Self-cleaning brush
Charging base and power adapter
manual Manual of the application



Opinions from the Conga 1990 Connected

This robot vacuum cleaner is quite good value for money. It’s a good robot, as it has pretty decent suction power. However, its scrolling is not as smart as home mapping robots, but it still cleans quite well.

One of its strengths, without a doubt, is that it can be programmed to go out to clean every day and that it can be controlled by its application, however, it is not very intuitive. Although, without a doubt, the most negative point it has is its scrubbing system.

As in most of the models of this brand, the scrubbing that it performs cannot be compared in results to the manual, so it is probably a function that you will not use much.

Conga 1990 Connected

Availability and price of the Conga 1990 Connected

Do not forget that you can continue to see other robot vacuum cleaners of the brand, such as the Cecotec Conga Series 1190.



  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good dry cleaning results.
  • It is controlled by application.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.




  • Not very intuitive app.
  • Little effective scrubbing system.