Conga 2290 Ultra Home, simple but powerful robot vacuum cleaner

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conga 2290 ultra home, simple but powerful robot vacuum cleaner

The Conga 2290 Ultra Home , Cecotec Conga 2290 Ultra Home or Conga 2290 Ultra is a robot vacuum cleaner that maps your home to move around. The technologies of this Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner make it a very competent appliance that will also help you maintain good hygiene in your home.

We discuss the Conga 2290 Ultra Home

The Conga 2290 Ultra Home, Cecotec Conga 2290 Ultra Home or Conga 2290 Ultra is a 4-in-1 robot, that is, it can perform four functions simultaneously: sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and mopping.

This robot vacuum cleaner generates the map of your home as it cleans so that you can later consult it in its application. This application for smartphones or smart devices will not only serve you for this, but also to control the robot itself, as well as to select the level of suction power you need or schedule cleaning.

In addition, it also comes with SmartGyro 4.0 technology , composed of its gyroscopic sensors, in addition to anti-fall, anti-shock and proximity sensors , so that the robot can move intelligently around the house, without the risk of accidents such as colliding with furniture or falling. by steps or unevenness.

In fact, it can also be considered a smart robot due to its compatibility with the virtual assistants of the moment, Alexa and Google AssistantWith this, we can give orders with our voice to start cleaning or return to its charging base, as well as, if it is lost, we can also call it to make sounds and make it easier for us to find it.

Can scrub for you

The Conga 2290 Ultra Home also has an automatic and intelligent emptying system for its tank that helps us avoid staining. In addition, it comes with hygienic bags that will facilitate this task to a great extent, so that our hands will not come into contact with dust and dirt. No, at least, directly. And he himself will detect if you have put it to start cleaning.

It is an ideal appliance for homes with pets, as it comes with an interchangeable silicone brush and anti-tangle that will help to remove hair with ease. Plus, enjoy the iWash system with three scrubbing modes that depend on how dirty you have to deal with, as well as Total Surface technology that lets you return to your charging base automatically, whether you’re done cleaning or not. you need to recharge the battery to continue doing so.

But continuing with its scrubbing technology, the Wash4You system will intelligently mop and scrub for you. This is because it controls the flow of the water that comes out thanks to the pump and that will depend on the needs of the concrete surface.

Then, with the Memory Control, this robot will memorize the route that is quicker and more efficient at the same time, so that it can return to the charging base directly, as soon as it finishes cleaning. In fact, this robot knows where it is, where it has passed and what it still has to go.

And if for some reason you do not want it to go to a specific room, you will only have to establish a magnetic wall by selecting the rooms or areas for which you do not want it to clean in the application.

Conga 2290 Ultra Home

You choose the power

With a power of 2100 Pa, you can select between 8 different cleaning modes, as well as three levels that are summarized in Eco, Normal and Turbo, depending on the type of dirt we have to deal with.

Even so, it is a robot vacuum cleaner that is not very noisy, since it emits less than 64 dB and it will automatically activate the maximum power when it passes through rugs or carpets, in order to make them perfect.

Conga 2290 Ultra Home

Designed to be effective

As for the rest of its features, the Conga 2290 Ultra Home comes with a mop made of two materials, so that it can clean both wet and dry, and its technology allows you to program it 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. week, so you can get her to clean every day.

This robot can be controlled through its smartphone application, but also through its remote control with LCD screenIt has a long battery life that gives you 160 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning, as well as an intelligent system called GPSHome so you can return to your charging base as soon as you finish cleaning.

Its filter retains allergens and dust, it can clean on all types of surfaces, including thin carpets, and it can move under furniture and avoid obstacles, while cleaning baseboards and edges with its 2 side brushes for more complete results.

Conga 2290 Ultra Home

Features of the Cecotec Conga 2290 Ultra Home or Conga 2290 Ultra

Mark Cecotec
Model Conga 2290
Description Vacuum cleaner robot
Navigation technology iTech SmartGyro 4.0
Battery 14.4 V – 2600 mAh
Autonomy Up 160 minutes *
Loading time 3-4 hours
Voltage 100-240V
Weight 6.07 Kg
Suction power levels 3
Scrub levels 3
Operating modes 8
Scrubbing type Electronic control
Suction pressure Up to 2100 Pa
Overcome obstacles Yes, up to 20mm
Wheel material Rubber
Sound level <64 dB
Mixed tank capacity 270 ml (water) – 550 ml (solids)
Application No
Remote control Yes
Magnetic Strip No
Suitable for all surfaces Yes
Suitable for carpets Yes
24/7 programmable Yes
Suitable with Amazon Alexa Yes
Suitable with Google Assistant Yes
Automatic return home Yes
Bi-material mop Yes
Turbo mode on carpets Yes
Contents Robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaner and Conga Home 2,000 Base
brush Special silicone brush for pets
Magnetic tape
Mixed tank (solids and liquids) suitable for the self-emptying base
Solid tank suitable for the self-emptying base
Remote control
2 mops
4 side brushes
2 high-pressure filters efficiency
Self-cleaning brush
3 hygienic bags
manual Application manual



Opinions from the Conga 2290 Ultra Home

This robot vacuum cleaner has an acceptable price. Its biggest positive point is that it cleans quite well and that it is powerful. However, it should be noted that the application causes quite a few connection problems and that, when it comes to mapping, it is not entirely accurate, so it can “get lost” at home or not return to the charging base.

Conga 2290 Ultra Home

Availability and price of the Conga 2290 Ultra Home

And if you want to see an earlier version, here is the Conga 2290.

  • Cleans pretty well.
  • Powerful.


  • The application is not intuitive.
  • It does not map the home accurately.