Conga 3890 Vital, scrubs and sweeps at the same time to clean everything

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conga 3890 vital cabecera.jpg

The practical and versatile Conga 3890 Vital o Cecotec Conga 3890 Vital will help you keep your home clean every day. This Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner, which you can handle without problem through its App, will ensure that your house is always clean, with all the advantages that this entails for your health and that of yours.

This is the Conga 3890 Vital

Robot vacuum cleaners such as the Conga 3890 Vital or Cecotec Conga 3890 Vital are becoming more popular among the population, and this is because they take a lot of work when cleaning. There are many times, but already a great majority have technologies that make them automatic and that make us not need to always be aware of them.

In addition, as is the case that we will talk about today, some models are even hybrids, which means that the same robot can clean wet and dry. At this point, there are also different models, since some first sweep and vacuum and then scrub and others, like the one we are going to see today, can do it simultaneously.

Be that as it may, robot vacuum cleaners are here to stay, as they stand out for their versatility, their ease of use and their, in many cases, automatic operation. Today we are going to talk about one that pyou will be able to control through its application and that it can memorize and store the maps of your home.

Great cleaning tool

The Conga 3890 Vital is a 4 in 1 robot, that is, you can vacuum, sweep, mop and scrub, and best of all, all at the same time! This is possible because it comes with a mixed tank for solids and liquids that allows you to clean the entire surface that you walk in an efficient way. In addition, it is a neat robot that you can control through its own application.

To dry clean, it uses three phases in which your Jalisco brush participates, It is motorized and made of two materials with millions of microfibers to capture the smallest particles such as sand, mites, dust, etc. In this way, you can vacuum triple in just one pass.

Also, its great suction power, thanks to the ForceClean system, is found in its powerful turbine, capable of maximizing it up to 2300 Pa. In this way, you can collect all kinds of security and keep your floors always clean.

Travels and obeys intelligently

As we say, the Conga 3890 Vital is an intelligent robot, since it moves and has intelligent functions that we can control from its application. The first is the memorization and storage of maps, which you can find in the app. These are a consequence of the robot’s navigation, as it will create them as it cleans.

In this way, you can later see them in the cleaning history and, as it comes with the Interactive MultiMap system, you can save up to 5 different on the robot. Although this is not all, this robot is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, which means that you can also control it using your voice.

Use voice commands such as start cleaning, stop cleaning, and even send it to its charging base or locate it using audio signals. If you have any of these smart speakers, giving directions with your voice will be possible.

Also, this robot is capable of scanning and mapping your home to make a 360 degree recognition. This way you can plan a more efficient and faster route so that the cleaning is completed sooner, but without giving up the results you expect. And do not forget all this, controlling it from its application, in which you will find its different cleaning modes, as well as the possibility of programming the cleaning, selecting the suction power level and so on.

Once the robot has finished cleaning, it will return to its charging base, although this will not only happen when cleaning is complete. If for some reason the battery becomes too low for you to terminate it, Go back to the charging base to recharge it enough to finish. Afterwards, it will return back to the base automatically.

Conga 3890 Vital

Different cleaning modes

As we say, in its application you can choose different modes and the cleaning order. You will have up to 50 cleaning plans available, apart from that it will also allow you to choose rooms and rooms to clean them more carefully or decide not to go through there. You can do all this from your hand.

You can even determine the level of scrubbing power, as it comes with three modes that determine the amount of water used when mopping. With the “high” mode you can scrub in depth, while with the “medium” mode You can do it every day as it is designed for a medium level of dirt. For any inconvenience and quick cleaning, you will find the “low” mode.

In fact, to ensure that everything is clean, scrubbing is done with a back and forth movement called scrubbing. Thanks to this, it will completely clean the dirt and, as you can see, this is a very practical robot vacuum cleaner that will come in handy for day-to-day cleaning.

Conga 3890 Vital

Characteristics of the Cecotec Conga 3890 Vital

Cecotec Conga 3890 Vital
Mapping: To be
Floor scrubber: Yes
Control: WiFi and App
VirtualMap: Yes
Voice assistant support: Alexa and Google Assistant.
Recognition: 360º
Suction capacity: 2300 Pa
Cleaning modes: 10
Programmable: 24h / 7 days
Battery: Lithium-Ion 14.8V
Battery capacity: 3200mAh
Box contents: Conga 3890 Vital Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Jalisco brush
Multifunction brush (bristles and silicone)
Mixed tank (solid and liquid)
2 mops
2 side brushes
2 high efficiency filters
Self-cleaning brush
Charging base and power adapter
Application manual

Opinions from the Conga 3890 Vital

This hybrid robot vacuum cleaner has a good value for money. Its strengths lie in the fact that It cleans very well and has a good autonomy. Nevertheless, one of its biggest negative points is that its application is not intuitive and it can be buggy, which can make users desperate. Also, customer service doesn’t stand out much for this brand.

Conga 3890 Vital

Availability and price of Conga 3890 Vital

The Conga 1790 Vital It is another model that you can see for a cheaper price.

  • Good value for money.
  • Cleans very well.
  • Good autonomy.

  • The application is not very intuitive and can be buggy.
  • Customer service is not remarkable at this brand.

Total score