Conga 6090, an efficient and reliable hybrid robot vacuum cleaner


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The Conga 6090 o Cecotec Conga 6090 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner prepared to help you keep your home clean and free of dirt every day. This Cecotec robot is very easy to use and has everything you need to always achieve great results.

This is the Conga 6090

The Conga 6090 or Cecotec Conga 6090 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner that cleans using laser mapping. East practical vacuum cleaner is capable of not only sweeping and vacuuming, but also scrubbing and mopping, so you can clean dry or liquid dirt. It also has cyclonic technology that makes it much more powerful to offer us up to 10,000 pa.

Powerful and with different cleaning modes

Regarding its operation, it comes with two brushes that are anti-tangle and that can be interchanged, a special one for pet hair as it is made of rubber and another made of double material to work on different surfaces. To this must be added the Brush Pro technology, which consists of a rotating central brush to thoroughly clean difficult areas such as carpets.

This robot, in turn, comes with ten cleaning modes and cleans by areas that you can select on the map. In this way, you can even establish rooms that you do not want to pass through, so always adapts to your needs.

A vacuum cleaner with innovative technologies

Another feature of this robot is that it comes with innovative technologies that make it a fairly efficient household appliance. One of them is Room Plan 3.0, which allows you to manage rooms, as well as types of floors. In this way, following the patterns established in the application, the Conga 6090 will perform the cleaning. You can even select the order and cleaning mode, and how it comes With OnlyOne System technology, you vacuum, sweep and scrub at the same time.

It can be easily controlled thanks to its application for smart devices, in which you can not only adjust its different options and cleaning modes, but also program it, choose the level of suction and scrubbing power, check the history of what you already have. has been cleaned, and so on.

The map that you will find in the app is interactive, so you can choose in it the areas you want to clean and how you want the robot to do it, as well as select various points and create cleaning routes. In addition, it will also allow you to save up to 5 different maps. And not only that, this robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with the smart speakers of the moment,

Whether you have Alexa or Google Assistant you can control the Conga 6090 using your voice. For example, you may be asked to start cleaning, stop, send it to the charging base, or ask to locate it if you can’t find it. All this with an optical sensor that cleans a linear path in an orderly manner.

In addition, with Total Surface 3.0 technology, the battery is perfectly optimized, since, if at any point it runs out of it and has not finished cleaning yet, it returns to its charging base to recharge it as necessary and resume work at the point where it stayed. Not to mention that it has other technologies such as OnlySilence that makes a sound level less than 64 dB, as well as the GPSHome so you can return to base when you are done working.

Its lithium-ion battery gives it a autonomy of up to 240 minutes, so, in most cases it will completely clean your home, and since you can schedule it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it will always be ready to start work when you need it.

Conga 6090

Also capable of scrubbing

As we have already indicated above, the Conga 6090 is a hybrid robot, which means that it can also clean with humidity. In your case, it comes with the iWater system which offers, in turn, three modes depending on the cleaning needs of the moment.

In this case, we can find the high, medium and low mode, whose main difference lies in the type of dirt for which they are indicated, being the high mode for the most encrusted dirt, the medium for daily cleaning and the low mode for a more superficial.

Before you start cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner map your home to get organized and take the fastest and most efficient route. In this way, you always know where you are and clean in an organized way, even if you have to go through the same place twice to clean more thoroughly.

This also happens when wet cleaning, as it comes with a scrubbing mode to scrub in depth thanks to its reciprocating movement and its Wash4You technology allows you accurately dose the water flow. In this way, the mop always stays damp and the cleaning takes as long as necessary for the best results.

Conga 6090

Cecotec Conga 6090 Specifications

Cecotec Conga 6090
Name Conga 7090 IA Robot Vacuum Cleaner.
Technologies Artificial intelligence and laser, with cyclonic technology.
Features Recognizes objects, rooms, types of floor and pets.
It includes High precision sensors.
Power 10000 Pa of suction power.
Modes Vacuum, scrub, sweep and mop.
Additional features Room management with RoomPlan 3.0.
Product dimensions 36 x 36 x 10 cm; 5.74 kilograms
Weight 5.74 kg
Noise 64 dB
Colour Black

This is how they think of the Conga 6090

This hybrid robot vacuum cleaner has a good value for money. It offers good cleaning results and is capable of cleaning both dry and wet simultaneously. It can be controlled by application or by voice with the smart speakers of Alexa and Google Assistant, in addition to that it also allows you to interact with the maps it makes.

On the negative points, however, we have to say that the app It tends to present more failures than expected and that customer service does not usually stand out because it is very useful.

Conga 6090

Conclusions and availability of the Conga 6090

Another robot vacuum cleaner of the brand that you can consult is the Conga 4690.

  • Good value for money.
  • Cleans both wet and dry.
  • Good cleaning results.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Its application is not intuitive.
  • It does not boast of good customer service.

Total score