Conga 8090 Ultra, a powerful and modern 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner

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conga 8090 ultra, a powerful and modern 4 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner

The Conga 8090 Ultra , Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra and Conga 8090 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner with innovative technologies. With this Cecotec robot keeping your house clean will be very easy and, best of all, you can keep it that way every day.

We talk about the Conga 8090 Ultra

The Conga 8090 Ultra, Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra and Conga 8090 Robot is a robot vacuum cleaner that stands out for being hybrid and, in addition, 4 in 1, since it can vacuum, sweep, mop and scrub simultaneously, because it counts with a mixed tank for dry and wet dirt. In this way, you can effectively clean our home.

Thanks to its 10 000 Pa there will be no dirt that resists and you can manage the rooms and the different types of surfaces with its application and the Room Plan 3.0 system. In addition, you will also be able to consult its interactive map, which it will draw as it cleans and which it will save in its memory where it can store up to 5 maps in total.

Smart navigation

As we say, the Conga 8090 Ultra is controlled by a smartphone application, so you can schedule cleaning by selecting the suction power, as well as check its cleaning history. Besides, you can also control it through the virtual voice assistants of the moment: Alexa and Google Assistant.

It is a good robot, in fact, for homes with pets, since, on the one hand, it comes with the Jalisco Brush, designed to remove dirt that cannot be seen and that allows the robot to vacuum even the smallest dust particles . On the other, it brings two interchangeable brushes that avoid tangles, one that is made of special rubber for the hair of our furry companions and removes them from complicated areas such as carpets and another of double material for the rest of the surfaces.

Also, as it scans and maps the home with 360 ° recognition, it is able to plan faster and more efficient routes when cleaning. What’s more, despite this, if the robot runs out of battery while it is working, it returns to its base, recharges and again resumes cleaning until it is finished.

Conga 8090 Ultra

Always be in control

With the application for smart devices, you can set the rooms for which you want your Conga 8090 Ultra to be cleaned or those that you don’t, because you can also restrict and block them.

Likewise, it also allows you to choose at a certain point on the map if you want the robot to perform a specific cleaning mode. For example, if you need a more in-depth cleaning or you want it to go under a piece of furniture. These selectable cleaning modes correspond to Manual, Edging, Scrubbing, Auto, Twice, Spot, Restricted Area, Spiral, and Home Cleaning.

Its optical sensor , meanwhile, will prevent accidents and will prevent the robot from falling down slopes, such as stairs, or colliding with obstacles it may encounter on the way. Thus, thanks to the maps that you draw and save, you will clean efficiently and quickly, since you will always know where you are and, in this way, you will avoid taking a second pass through the same place.

This also applies to wet cleaning, so you don’t have to scrub after vacuuming. Thanks to its Wash4you technology, which doses the water flow for an even distribution, the mop will always be wet and will not leave any area uncleaned. In fact, if one is more complicated, it will even use the Scrubbing mode, which simulates the swaying of the mop for perfect results.

Conga 8090 Ultra

Fits in your home

Finally, it is good to remember that this robot model adapts to our home, since it is capable of activating the turbo mode, for example, if it passes through a carpet, to clean it thoroughly.

As for the Twin Floor mop of two materials, it will allow you to clean on all types of surfaces and its rotating brush will also help you to remove dirt from carpets and rugs. Turbo Clean Carpet system that activates the maximum power Turbo mode on carpets to clean them in the most efficient way.

With its 14.8 V and 5200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, it enjoys a great autonomy of up to 240 minutes, so your home will be clean every day. In fact, it can be scheduled to come out to clean 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And when it’s done cleaning, it returns to its charging base waiting for a new job.

Conga 8090 Ultra

Features of the Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra and Conga 8090

Type of device Vacuum cleaner robot
System BestFriend Care System
Build format Redondo
Maximum power 14.8V
Noise emission 64 dB
Water level indicator Yes
Tank capacity 0.57 l
Maximum volume of dust container 0.57 l
Brush type Rotating central brush that thoroughly cleans dirt on carpets and rugs. Brush of two materials, bristles and rubber silicone to remove all types of dirt.
Animal Brush Yes
Monitor LCD
Charge indicator Yes
Programmable Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
App compatible Yes
Hourly / weekly schedule And
Wet / dry suction Yes
Mop function Yes
Spatial recognition Yes
Surface sensor Yes
Dirt sensor Yes
Suction control Yes
Charging base Yes
Automatic return to base Yes
Remote control Yes
Integrated Accessories Yes
Safety features Anti-collision
Character specials Robot vacuum cleaner, Special silicone brush for pets, Jalisco brush, Vibratory scrubbing tank, Solid tank, Remote control, 2 mops, 2 side brushes, 1 high-efficiency filters, Self-cleaning brush, Charging base and power adapter, Instruction Manual, Application Manual


Opinions from the Conga 8090 Ultra

This robot vacuum cleaner offers quite good cleaning results, performs home mapping and can be controlled by its application and by voice commands. In addition, it comes with special brushes for those who have pets at home, so its most negative points are found in the scrubbing system, which is not of much use and in which the application of Cecotec is not very intuitive.

Conga 8090 Ultra

  • Good value for money.
  • Control by application and voice commands.
  • It is not very noisy.
  • Special brushes for homes with pets.


  • The Cecotec application is not very intuitive.
  • Its scrubbing system does not replace a manual scrubbing.