Conga 9090, an innovative robot vacuum cleaner from Cecotec

conga 9090, an innovative robot vacuum cleaner from cecotec
conga 9090, an innovative robot vacuum cleaner from cecotec

You cannot miss the Conga 9090 , Conga 9090 AI or Cecotec Conga 9090, the new and innovative hybrid robot vacuum cleaner from Cecotec . With its different technologies, this robot promises to leave your house clean and, best of all, in a very practical way for you.

We talk about Conga 9090

The Conga 9090, Conga 9090 IA or Cecotec Conga 9090 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner with a number of innovative technologies that make it a smart and efficient home appliance.

The first that we can mention is its 3Diana artificial intelligence, which allows it to detect and also recognize common household objects, thanks to its front camera and three-dimensional sensor. In this way, you can display them on the map and in the application itself.

Also, because it is more precise, it maximizes cleaning and, as it is a 4-in-1 hybrid robot, it can sweep, vacuum, mop and mop simultaneously. In fact, with its 10,000 Pa of suction, there will be no type of dirt that can resist it, and this, combined with the vibrating mop for scrubbing capable of descaling dirt, makes it a very effective robot.

In addition, you can manage up to 50 cleaning plans by just selecting rooms and rooms thanks to the RoomPlan 3.0 system.

Smart scrolling

The Conga 9090 is controlled by its application for smart devices, from which you can program it, as well as select cleaning modes, suction power or check the cleaning history.

You will also be able to see the map it generates while cleaning and see how, thanks to its intelligent iTech Laser 360 navigation, it can plan a route that is faster for you and establish up to 5 different maps in its memory.

In addition, as it brings VirtualVoice technology, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant virtual assistants and you can give it commands using your voice, such as, for example, to start cleaning, to return to its charging base or to find it through auditory signals.

Besides, we have to comment that it is a robot that is very well equipped, since its different brushes allow it to carry out a deeper cleaning of the home, taking into account that it comes with some specials for homes with pets.

For example, the Jalisco brush helps remove dirt that cannot be seen and the interchangeable silicone brush removes the hairs of our furry companions, especially if they are found on carpets.

Then, its iWater system provides us with up to three scrub modes that correspond to high, medium and low, depending on the dirt you have to clean, and it also allows you both to select rooms or areas directly to clean them or vice versa, places restricted by which you do not want to pass.

Conga 9090

Different wet and dry cleaning modes

All in all, this robot vacuum cleaner model comes with 12 selectable cleaning modes corresponding to Square Spiral, Scrubbing, DeepCleaning, Manual, Auto, Spiral, Spot, Smart Area, Edges, Homecoming and Full Cleaning.

Likewise, thanks to the fact that it has been manufactured with 8 optical sensors that are located throughout the robot, it can move neatly and remove dirt from all corners, even the most difficult because they are areas where there are many obstacles, such as , a room full of shoes.

To get around right, map your home before you start cleaning. Then, you save it and decide the most efficient and fastest route, with the advantage that you always know where you are. Later, if you come across different surfaces, for example rugs or carpets, the Turbo Clean Carpet system is activated, increasing the power to leave them completely clean.

And if you need to scrub, you can make use of its Wash4You technology, which controls the water flow of the robot’s pump. Thus, it keeps the mop damp, but in just enough measure, so that the cleaning is complete. What’s more, you can also activate the Scrubbing mode, so that it mimics the back and forth movements of manual scrubbing, if there is more resistant dirt.

Conga 9090

Technologies for an easier day to day

We cannot forget to mention that, in addition to all these benefits, the Conga 9090 can be programmed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so your home will be clean daily. Likewise, you can even choose the cleaning order for each room and even the rooms you want to clean, as well as the suction power to use or the scrubbing flow.

It is a robot that does not emit too much noise, in its case, less than 64 dB, apart from offering an autonomy of 240 minutes and, when it finishes cleaning, it is able to return to its charging base. In fact, if it runs out of battery for any reason, it will also return to its base to recharge and continue later, automatically, with the cleaning that was left.

Finally, we can only say that it brings a high-performance filter in which dust and mites will be trapped, that it cleans on any type of surface and that it can even do it under furniture and avoiding obstacles, such as thrown objects or unevenness and steps.

Conga 9090

Characteristics of the Conga 9090 AI or Cecotec Conga 9090

Mark Cecotec
Model Conga 9090
Description Vacuum cleaner robot
Reference 05417
Navigation technology iTech Laser 360
Battery 14.8 V – 6400 mAh
Autonomy Up 240 minutes *
Loading time 3-4 hours
Voltage 100-240V
Weight 2.1 Kg
Suction power levels 3
Scrub levels 3
Operating modes 12
Scrubbing type Electronic control
Suction pressure Up to 10,000 Pa
Overcome obstacles Yes, up to 20mm
Wheel material Rubber
Sound level <64 dB
Mixed tank capacity 270 ml (water) – 570 ml (solids)
Application No
Magnetic Strip Yes
Suitable for all surfaces Yes
Suitable for carpets Yes
24/7 programmable Yes
Suitable with Amazon Alexa Yes
Suitable with Google Assistant Yes
Automatic return home Yes
Bi-material mop Yes
Turbo mode on carpets Yes
Contents Robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaner
Special silicone brush for pets
Jalisco brush
Vibratory scrubbing tank
tank Remote control
2 mops
2 side brushes
1 high-efficiency filters
Self-cleaning brush
Charging base and power adapter
manual Application manual Self
-emptying base
3 hygienic bags
Instruction manual


Opinions from the Conga 9090

It is a fairly expensive robot vacuum cleaner, which cleans very well and is very powerful, so the cleaning results are really good. It moves intelligently and creates maps with which it will send photos to the application if it encounters obstacles.

However, as in other cases with the brand’s application, it is not very intuitive and can cause connection problems.

Conga 9090

Availability and price

If you want to see models prior to this, here we leave you the Conga Series 3090.



  • Cleans very well.
  • Very powerful.
  • Create maps of the home.
  • Send photos of the obstacles you encounter.


  • Really expensive.
  • Not very intuitive application.