Conga Popstar 29600, an electric mop that vacuums and scrubs at the same time

conga popstar 29600 1.jpg
conga popstar 29600 1.jpg

We recently told you what a electric mop and in that same article we offered you a small selection with the best models of the moment. Among them we mention Conga Popstar 29600, responsible, in part, that they have become so fashionable. Cecotec It is a brand that is getting used to turning everything it touches into gold. In the field of electric mops they have little competition and their model Conga Popstar 29600 Aqua & Collect it is taking all the laurels.

If you are thinking of buying it, in this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it, its strengths but also its weaknesses. Finally, right at the end of this content you will find the best places to buy it today with the best offers of the moment.

Conga Popstar 29600 design

What is an electric mop like? The truth is that in this field there are some design discrepancies between one model and another, especially with regard to the base. That is why it is worth mentioning what the Conga Popstar 29600 is like. At first glance, it could look like a somewhat more modern broom vacuum cleaner, you can see that it is clearly inspired by them. The difference lies mainly in the type of tank it brings, since it is somewhat larger than in normal vacuum cleaners.

It is worth highlighting the loop-type handle and very comfortable to grip to make it more ergonomic. Is available in black color with teal details. It also has a pair of wheels at the bottom so that the movement is smoother and less heavy, and the brush is roller type.

Save time by vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time

But beyond being beautiful and comfortable to use, this electric mop will make us fall in love thanks to its main quality: the free time that it will give us. With it, you no longer have to vacuum first and scrub later, it has the ability to do it all in one. Of course, as a personal advice, we recommend that the floor is not too dirty before starting the cleaning, to help a little to make the cleaning as efficient and optimal as possible.

The Conga Popstar 29600 Aqua & Collect has a power of 2,350 W, a fact that in practice gives us a good performance and that leaves the user satisfied. As for autonomy, it depends on the size of your house. For a home of about 90 square meters, you shouldn’t have a problem with the autonomy you can handle to clean the entire house in one go. In much larger homes you may have to divide the time by rooms.

The vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 7,000 Pa, enough to suck up any dirt and that no lint remains on the floor (something that, as you already know, when you scrub can be a horror). It is suitable for any type of dirt, both solid and wet. As for the scrubbing, it is carried out by means of a water spray, which allows the amount of water available to be dosed so that the cleaning lasts 35 minutes and the floor is well scrubbed and not wet.

Conga Popstar 29600

Clean water is in a tank 0.4 liters of capacity, from there it goes to the roller so that it is distributed on the ground and rises again converted into dirty water that goes directly to an independent tank with a capacity of 0.35 liters. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about emptying the tank all the time.

Includes a self-cleaning base

The roller type brush that is included in the purchase package is a special bristle brush with sponge which helps to descale dirt while sucking, spraying water and drying it. Its shape is very comfortable to clean the whole house, however, keep in mind that the finish is horizontal and not peaked like other models, so for the corners it may not be the most efficient in the world.

In addition, to clean this brush, it includes a self-cleaning base. You just have to place it there and your Conga Popstar 29600 will take care of cleaning itself and being ready again for the next session. Keep in mind that this system is not perfect and that from time to time you will have to give it a manual cleaning so that the brush is always impeccable (a very important part so that the cleaning of your home is as effective as possible and does not drag dirt from side to side).

Conga Popstar 29600

Main disadvantage

Keep in mind that it is not like a robot vacuum cleaner with a mop function. It will not clean your house just by pressing a button, you will have to pass it through the places where you want to clean. For some this is an advantage since cleaning tends to be more rushed, but it is not a totally autonomous process. Rate it well to see if you want to buy a freestanding robot or a vertical electric mop.

Technical characteristics of the Conga Popstar 29600

Conga Popstar 29600 Aqua & Collect
Guy Vertical electric mop
Colour Black with teal accents
Principal functions Vacuum and scrub
Scrub Type With sprayer to dose the water
Power 2,350 W
Suction power 7,000 Pa
Clean water tank capacity 0.4 liters
Dirty water tank capacity 0.35 liters
Self-cleaning base Yes
Cleaning modes 2
Brush type included Special bristle brush with sponge
Autonomy 35 minutes
Box contents
  • 1 x Electric mop
  • 1 x Bi-material brush
  • 1 x Self-cleaning base
  • 1 x Battery charger

Availability and price of the Conga Popstar 29600

This Conga Popstar 29600 from Cecotec offers us a product with good value for money that will help us save time on household chores. It is not as independent as a robot vacuum cleaner with a mop, but cleaning is somewhat better (and above all much more comfortable than with a traditional mop).

Finally, we want to recommend that you take a look at this article if you Conga does not work so you can know how to solve it in case you have problems with this or another brand appliance.

  • Nice and comfortable design
  • Good cleaning
  • You can vacuum and scrub at the same time
  • Includes a self-cleaning brush base
  • Good power
  • Good suction
  • Good value for money

  • If you live in a very large house, the autonomy may seem somewhat reduced (35 minutes)
  • Single brush comes
  • The cleaning process is not totally independent

Total score