Conga ThunderBrush 690, three-in-one broom vacuum

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Conga Thunderbrush 690 Cabecera.jpg

A three-in-one broom vacuum cleaner such as the Conga ThunderBrush 690, Conga 690 or Cecotec Conga ThunderBrush 690 can become your favorite weapon against dirt. This Cecotec cordless vacuum cleaner is very easy to use and will allow you to reach the most inaccessible corners to leave your home dust-free.

Conga ThunderBrush 690 Review

The Cecotec Conga ThunderBrush 690 is a broom vacuum cleaner that has been designed to help you clean your home without having to invest any extra effort on your part. Thanks to bringing a improved batterya, as well as 360º technology, with it you can get to any corner without problems. In fact, this is a wireless vacuum cleaner, so you can take it anywhere without the need for cables and the inconvenience that this entails. With a autonomy of up to 40 minutess, you can use it in its normal mode or in its turbo mode and enjoy all its suction power when you need to eliminate the most encrusted and stubborn dirt. And since it’s a bagless vacuum, cleaning its dust bin is a breeze.

With that said, we have to say that the Conga ThunderBrush 690 is a three in one vacuum cleaner, which means that can be used in three different ways to reach the maximum of surfaces without complications. In fact, we can use it in its normal format, which is the broom to pass it by the flooror, use it in your portrait mode to clean the ceilings or turn it into a handheld vacuum cleaner for furniture, and all this cleaning in a single pass. In addition, as it does not have a bag, its great suction power is guaranteed, thanks also to its Conga Cyclonic System, which will always maintain power as on the first day.

As for the 360º technology that we mentioned at the beginning, this technology helps you reach any corner because you can move the vacuum cleaner in any direction with little effort. Thanks to the design of the Conga ThunderBrush 690 itself, its weight falls on the fist, so you can not only turn it comfortably, but also raise it with little effort. If to this we add that It does not need cables because it has an autonomy of 40 minutes, cleaning our home will be really easy for us. Its Immortal Battery, which is removable and made of Lithium-Ion, also serves to the life of the vacuum cleaner is multiplied by two.

If we look at what types of dirt we can clean with this vacuum cleaner, we will see that none can resist it, since it has the Ultra Thunder technology, what guarantees the use of maximum suction power in combination with cyclonic technology to remove dust and other debris efficiently and quickly. You can use it both on the ceiling, on the floor, on the carpets and on the furniture thanks to the fact that it is a very versatile vacuum cleaner, manufactured so that you can perform a complete cleaning of your house with just one device. To carry out this exhaustive cleaning task, it is interesting that you know that includes two motorized central brushes that can be exchanged with each other. This will help you clean better, since each of them is specialized in a type of dirt.

Conga ThunderBrush 690

For example, we find that has a bristle brush, which is ideal for dragging embedded dirt, so its use is very suitable on carpets and rugs. The other brush is made of sponge and it’s the one for use on hard floorsas it effectively removes the finest dirt. Its moving head also has 180º Twisted technology, which helps you to tilt up to 180º to reach more corners. Therefore, and as you will see, thanks to these brushes cleaning will be very easy. And if this seems little to you, it also includes two more accessories so you can remove both the dirt from the corners and the dirt that stays on the furniture. These accessories have been manufactured and designed to work on these specific surfaces to guarantee the best result and completely eliminate dust from your home.

Therefore, it is important that you know that in this vacuum cleaner you will be able to select two cleaning modes so that you can decide on one of them based on the needs of the area you are going to clean. On the one hand, you have the eco mode, which is used for those longer-lasting cleanings and maintenance, and it is the way that lengthens the battery and, therefore, saves energy. But, if you find areas with more accumulated dirt or more difficult to remove, you can opt for the powerful turbo mode, what uses the full suction power of the vacuum cleaner. In addition, as its tank is of large capacity, 0.6 liters, and it does not have a bag, its emptying will be more spaced and, when you do it, it will be quick and hygienic, since you will not have to stain your hands to clean it.

Conga ThunderBrush 690

Characteristics of the Conga 690 or Cecotec Conga ThunderBrush 690

Conga 690 or Cecotec Conga ThunderBrush 690
Brand Cecotec
Model Conga ThunderBrush 690 Immortal Battery 22.2 V
Description 3-in-1 cyclonic vacuum cleaner
Drums Lithium-Ion 29.6 V
Autonomy 40 minutes
Loading time Approx. 3 hours
3 in 1 Yes
Wireless Yes
Turbo mode Yes
Eco mode Yes
Motorized central brush Yes
Extra sponge brush Yes
Wall base Yes
Bottom LED lights Yes
LED battery indicator Yes
Accessories Corners and furniture
Technology Cyclonic / 360º
Mobile head 180º
Sound level 76 dB
HEPA filter Not
Tank capacity 0.6 liters
Weight 2.4 kg
Length 110 cm
Supply voltage 230 V – 50 Hz
Warranty 2 years

Opinions of this broom vacuum cleaner

Has a very good value for money. It is very easy to handle and also light, so it can be taken anywhere in the home for cleaning. In addition, it is also very versatile and is not excessively noisy. Its most negative point is that it does not have a HEPA filter.

Conga ThunderBrush 690

Availability and price

If you want to see another 3-in-1 handheld vacuum, here is the Conga RockStar 200 Elite.

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Easy to handle and light.

  • It does not have a HEPA filter.