Cookidoo: we tested the Thermomix recipe platform


Last week we told you that we are preparing a series of articles about the new Thermomix TM6. We already teach you how to set up Thermomix TM6 in just a minute and today we want to talk to you about a platform that, from Vorwerk, announces us almost as essential to be able to get the most out of your kitchen robot. It really is? We have tested Cookidoo and we want to tell you if the service is worth paying for or not, what you will find in it, its strengths and also its weaknesses.

Before subscribing, read this article and decide for yourself.

What is Cookidoo?

It’s about the Thermomix official recipe platform. In its catalog it has more than 42,000 recipes and collections, which, in addition, they assure us that they are tested by experts to guarantee that the results are perfect. What’s more, every week they add new recipes, so the collection continues to grow.

This platform can be accessed from a mobile device, a computer or, of course, from the Thermomix itself. If you use it from your smartphone, for example, it can help you organize your favorites list, discover news, get inspiration … When accessing it through the kitchen robot itself is great for it to guide you step by step in the preparation of your recipe. In this way, you eliminate the need to have the classic book or magazine with recipes, much less intuitive and interactive than this platform.

We tried Cookidoo: is it worth it?

It is a fairly frequent question and one that some of you have already asked us. Yes, you have bought the new Thermomix but, Is a recipe subscription service really worth it? On the internet there are thousands, it is true, or maybe you are nostalgic and prefer the paper option. Both are good ways to take advantage of your Thermomix TM6, but how you are really going to get the most out of it is with Cookidoo.

Cookidoo main menu in Thermomix TM6

In practice, the difference of using Cookidoo is very noticeable not to use it. Why? Because it makes it much easier to prepare our menus.

The Cookidoo recipe platform It guides you step by step (Guided Cooking Mode), at all times, indicating what you must do to complete your recipe. Time, speed, temperature … You adjust it and that’s it. Even the most inexperienced and least crafty person in the kitchen can cook a delicious dish thanks to Cookidoo.

Besides cooking, what can we do on Cookidoo?

The best thing about Cookidoo is that it is a very interactive tool where we can help us from the many filters that exist to find our perfect recipe and put it into practice. It can be filtered by time, difficulty, type of food or even by ingredients. Are your eggs going to expire and do you need to release them? Indicate it to the search engine of this platform and you will get a lot of ideas.

You can preview the ingredient list and preparation mode before starting the recipe. Besides, you can also create your own category of favorites, see what recipes you have already prepared or even organize a weekly calendar so you don’t waste time wondering what to cook tomorrow. You may to share the recipes you want with your friends and view ingredient list that you are going to need to prepare that special dinner on Saturday night or that complete family menu that you have planned for next week. The goal is to make cooking easier, with all that that implies.

Thermomix TM6

In a section of Cookidoo you can see the latest recipes prepared

Ways to access Cookidoo

You have several ways to access the Cookidoo platform. The most practical, there is no doubt, from the robot itself, where you can navigate perfectly between its categories through the touch screen, save your favorites and start cooking thanks to Guided Cooking Mode.

But if what you want is to plan your menu from the comfort of the sofa, while traveling in the subway or even while you are in the supermarket doing the shopping, you have other ways to access. From PC, through a web browser, or from mobile devices, through the official Cookidoo apps, available on both iOS and Android.

Download the Android app

Download the app for iOS

Cookidoo Price

When you buy your new Thermomix and enter its serial number on the platform, you will have free access to a series of welcome recipes. You can also complete the number of dishes through the purchase of Digital Books or Collections.

The easiest option to enjoy Cookidoo is create a subscription plan. This one is priced at € 36 per year, with a 1-month free trial period so you can see if you really take advantage of it or not. The registration process is very simple. You just have to enter your email account and a password and decide, at the moment or later, if you want to pay for the subscription or not.

The truth is that, taking into account the price of the kitchen robot, it would be interesting if these 36 euros per year were not invoiced, however, it is totally worth it. For only 3 euros a month you have access to an incredible amount of recipes, in addition to having them all well organized and being able to use the filters that we have discussed previously.

On the other hand, if you have an old model (for example, the Thermomix TM31), you can also subscribe and access this platform through your computer, tablet or smartphone, although obviously you will lose functions such as the Guided Cooking Mode, but it will be very useful to have access to recipes in digital format. Although you cannot view them from the machine itself if it does not have a screen, you can have your collections with your favorite dishes, always at hand from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

You can subscribe to the Cookidoo platform from your official website. In addition, we leave you here the link to the Vorwerk store on Amazon, where you cannot buy the robot, but you can buy some accessories and books.