Cooksy, the video camera that guides you to cook great recipes


Cooksy he is an ingenious intelligent video surveillance system who observes the kitchen to guide step by step in the preparation of the recipes and achieve the best result of the dish. Quite a helper, like a master chef, makes the user a true chef.

Cooksy, cooking like a pro

Preparing recipes is easy for those who have some experience in the kitchen or are fluent in cooking. However, for the less knowledgeable, the usual thing is to skip a step in the process or to get stuck hopelessly at key moments. To end that fear of standing in front of the kitchen and obtaining results of ten, appears Cooksy, the system smart who watches over the cooking and points out the steps to follow.

Product characteristics

What the developers of this idea offer us is a system governed by a special wireless camera that is placed in the place where it is cooked: a gas hob or ceramic hob. The device is positioned pointing downwards, since its optics are designed to capture the user movements and actions while a thermal imaging of pans and pots.

Cooksy, the master who guides you step by step in the kitchen

The camera communicates wirelessly with an application: on mobile or tablet ios Y Android; and with a online server which is where the system intelligence and recipe library are located. This culinary knowledge base has the virtue of increasing by the user community.

More details from Cooksy

Therefore, the system will offer us different recipes and guide through the screen of the mobile or tablet step by step with videos, images and indications while monitoring that each of the steps are carried out correctly. In case there is an error in the process, for example that the temperature of the pan is not adequate, the user receives a notification through the app to act accordingly. Once the warning has been corrected, the system continues giving instructions until the process has been successfully completed.

Cooksy it can even be used to create recipes, as record ingredients added and processed at each step, while memorizing the cooking times and temperatures. It is the way that all users can edit recipes and share them with the community. This system is on the platform Indiegogo in search of financing, with the idea of ​​going to the market in October 2021 for a price of $ 649. Those interested in the project can participate in exchange for a great discount of 40% on the final price.

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