COSORI Fryer: Today’s Best-Selling Appliance on Amazon

freidora cosori aire caliente.jpg
freidora cosori aire caliente.jpg

Getting positioned as the best-selling appliance of the day on Amazon in the middle of the Black Friday campaign is a milestone that everyone dreams of, but very few achieve. Today, reviewing the list of the best sellers, according to the information that appears on Amazon’s own website, we have found in the first place with an unknown manufacturer that offers the fashionable product. We talk about the COSORI oil-free fryer.

COSORI oil-free fryer features

Oil-free or hot air fryers are current due to their simplicity of use, because they do not make anything dirty while we cook and, above all, they allow us to have “fried” without using oil (just one tablespoon is enough to prepare the food of the whole family). This new model stands out in this category, offering a 5.5 liter capacity, with technology Air fryer, keep warm function and 11 programs different so that our recipes always come out perfect. Comes with a LED touch screen and a timer. Its power is 1,700 W.

In addition, to ensure the safety of what we eat, is BPA and PFOA free, harmful elements that we did find in some initial models of hot air fryers and that we must always ensure that our new fryer does not contain them. On the other hand, his non-stick basket allows easy cleaning as food does not stick. Still, it can be put in the dishwasher, so all are advantages.


Availability and price

If you want to get it, you can find it now on Amazon offer, with a 20% discount in three colors: white, black or red. In addition, it comes with a PDF recipe book with 100 preparations, so you never run out of ideas and can get a lot out of your new COSORI fryer.