Cyberhut, this is the futuristic house that you can now visit

terry johns

cyberhut, this is the futuristic house that you can now visit

It seems that home automation and the concept of the Smart Home is finally permeating our lives. Little by little, we are seeing how technologies creep into our home and even the refrigerator has WiFi. Today we want to talk to you about a step much further: the  360º futuristic home . It’s called  Cyberhut and you can already visit (even buy).

What is Cyberhut and what’s new?

Cyberhut is conceived as a  smart home , which includes big data sensors and artificial intelligence to put itself at the service of its inhabitants. It is built with  non-polluting and sustainable materials . Among others, it incorporates systems to store energy or even produce food. It also has solar panels and  HEPA filters to purify the air and make it a safer place.

cyberhut home

The different rooms are organized as modules, and can be customized according to the user’s needs. Do you want a gym or a bar? You can have it. The rooms can be relocated whenever desired, even converted into others.

Other curiosities of this type of housing is that automation is very present and allows, for example, to receive packages or make a purchase without any user interaction.

How to visit this home of the future

Of course, Cyberhut is not yet for sale, but they are already looking for the first interested parties to start the negotiations and the design of their ideal futuristic house. If you are curious and want to know it more closely, this house is on a route through different cities of the Spanish geography, such as Madrid, Santander or Marbella, in order to bring the concept closer to anyone who wants to discover it. Specifically, now and until January 10 , it is in Ciudad Lineal (Madrid).

On their website you can see all the information about their tour and get the latest news about their progress.