Decoration ideas for your ideal wedding celebration

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There is something that makes the difference in an ideal wedding and it is without a doubt its decoration, since this carries the personal stamp of the contracting parties. It is not just putting flowers and setting tables. Each wedding and its decoration reflects the personality of the couple, their originality and ability to innovate. In this article you will get decoration ideas for your wedding celebration that are worth taking into account when planning that special day.

Before starting, it should be noted that the decoration will depend on the place where the event is held, if it is outdoors, in a party room, in a family place or your home, so you will have to choose wisely from the following proposals:

Wedding Decoration Ideas: Centerpieces

You can use countless objects when decorating the tables for the guests, including: glass jars with floating candles, a basket with fruits or flowers, bouquets of brightly colored flowers and, depending on the season, candelabra.

Choose the colors of the decoration

Each color has an especially significant power and its choice will depend on the complicity of the couple. Regardless of the wedding theme or style, It is recommended that you do not use more than four colors and that they can be adjusted to the seasons of the year. Formal weddings can be a bit stricter for color selection, they typically use understated and elegant hues such as white, black, silver, and gold. In more informal cases, pastel or ivory tones can be used. The important thing is to achieve harmony between space and colors.

Decoration of chairs and tables

These elements have weight in wedding decoration, that is why it is important to give them an original touch since they are elements present in the photographs. In the case of chairs, there are a variety of details that we can use, such as chairs with a bow, adorned with flowers or balloons and ribbons. For an outdoor wedding, a perfect option is to place wooden or bamboo chairs that give an exotic touch to the place. In party halls, the chairs with the highest demand are Tiffany chairs in gold, silver or black colors.

Decoration of chairs and tables

Regarding the decoration of the tables, the color and texture of the tablecloths should be an element that stands out. The common thing is the round tables in this type of meetings, if you want to make a difference, using rectangular tables is a good option, since they offer a closer environment between the guests; which is ideal for an intimate wedding.

Lights and candles for an ideal wedding

If the celebration is at night it is important to consider good lighting. In the case of outdoor spaces, candles or torches would give a romantic and cozy touch. You can play decorating with led lights, for example, adorning a heart with these or words like LOVE. Paper lanterns create a unique and different space.

Wedding decoration - Lights and candles

Decoration ideas for weddings: Photo backgrounds

It is about creating an ideal environment for photos of the couple and guests. The same guests can take the photo or a photographer can be assigned to do so. The options are varied and according to the creativity of the decorator or the request of the bride and groom. The natural flower walls They are always a good option, as well as flower curtains that give the feeling of floating. You could complement with a armchair and candles to make the place more welcoming.

In this age of social media you can be sure that everyone will want a photo with the couple, so it can be considered a vital element of wedding decoration.

Photo backgrounds

Delicious Candy Bar for your ideal wedding

The importance of a sweet touch cannot be understated, and while it may seem more like a pastry item than wedding decor, it is something that requires a keen eye and taste. Basically it is a stand for different desserts and sweets for the delight of your guests. The cupcakes They have proven to be very popular lately, so you can include them in the list of must-haves, but it is also worth considering cookies, colored treats, cake pops, vibrant colored gums, chocolate figures, among others.

Candy bar

We hope that these wedding decoration ideas will be useful to you, whether it is to plan the decoration of your own wedding or to contribute that of a close friend or close friend.