Decorative paintings, what options do we have to choose from?

terry johns

decorative paintings, what options do we have to choose from

When it comes to using paints for our home, there are almost as many options as there are different tastes for each person. Your house and your neighbor’s can be radically different (despite the fact that the structure is practically the same), just because of how each of them is decorated. Today we are talking about decorative wall paintings and more, so that you can open up a new world of possibilities and look beyond what is known.

home decorative paintings

Sanitizing natural paint

It is a type of paint that has the advantage  of being antibacterial , keeping various fungi and viruses away from your wall. If you are one of those who care about cleanliness, but above all about the hygiene of your home, it is a good option to resort to this type of decorative paints that also have such an interesting function.

Chalk effect paint

They are usually more focused on painting furniture, but you can also apply it without the need for a previous primer on materials as diverse as glass, wood, plaster, metal, fabric, plastic, plaster… It creates a very special and original effect, as if you would have really taken a piece of chalk and painted the entire surface with it. The finish is very beautiful and you can give your furniture a second life or, why not, develop your creativity directly on the wall.

waterproofing paints

They can be used especially in those rooms of the house that are more prone to leaks. It works as an insulating effect and visually they do not have to be different from the most classic paints. You have to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations to apply it correctly and maintain it well, so that its effect is maintained.

Decorative spray paints

If you dare to spray paint your walls (or your furniture), decorative spray paints are becoming more and more popular because of how easy they are to use and how well they have evolved. They dry faster and their results are much better.

Effect paints

There are almost as many effect paints as there are limits to your imagination. You have paints with a vinyl effect, with an oxide effect, with a mineral effect, with a glass effect… Painting an entire room with these decorative paints can become a bit burdensome (depending on which one you use), but a fairly common method is to paint just one of the four like this and keep the rest in a paler tone or in the same tone, in matte without effects, so that the final result is quite nice and attractive. It is a fashion that has been in the world of decoration for many years and continues to be a trend season after season.

plastic paints

They are usually waterproof acrylic paints and can be interior or exterior. They are  quite resistant and durable and are very suitable for very sunny rooms, as they withstand the impact of the sun’s rays on a daily basis quite well without losing their tone too quickly or getting damaged.

Heat resistant paints

And finally, if you have an area with a fireplace, stoves or any other element that emits a lot of heat, you should consider the option of decorating your home with heat-resistant paints. Some resist up to 600ºC , so they are ideal for painting the wall with that warm fireplace in your living room.