Digital shower head: how to have a colorful shower


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You have seen it in the movies and perhaps in a hotel with many stars, but perhaps what you had never considered is that you could also enjoy this great little luxury at home. Do you want to give yourself one? colored shower? you can get it with this Lidl digital shower head.

Technical characteristics of the Lidl colored digital shower head

This digital shower head has two main objectives: to illuminate our shower and to help us better control our water consumption.

Its most outstanding feature is its ability to light up in three colors depending on water consumption. Up to 40 liters, we will see a green light, so we will be efficient. Between 40 liters and 60 liters the yellow color will appear, which already warns us that we have to be careful. And more than 60 liters the red color lights up, a very visual warning. Of course, if you want to take a relaxing shower, you can change the color by yourself.

It is worth noting that no need batteries or batteriesIt is activated by the force of water. In addition, it includes a screen from which we can see both the water consumption and the temperature at which we have it. It works with a minimum water pressure of 1.5 bars.

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We can also configure three types of jet: concentrated jet, rain jet or combined rain and rain jet. And to put it back to zero, it has a reset button with which we will re-establish the indicator of water consumption.

Regarding its more technical specifications, we can mention that it includes a flow limiter and a standard gasket suitable for 21 mm connections. Its measurements are 25.7 x 11.5 x 8cmweight 160 grams and is built primarily with plastic and silicone. Finally, keep in mind that it does not include a wall mount or a flexo.

Availability and price

We have found it in Lidl online store for a price of €19.99 and two colors available: black or chrome.

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