EcoFlow PowerOcean, new solar battery solution


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EcoFlowa German company specialized in developing portable power solutions from which we have already seen other products such as the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Maxhas just presented its new EcoFlow PowerOcean. It is a premium three-phase solar battery solution that offers a large energy reserve that can lead to the independence of the home in terms of energy.

Technical characteristics of the EcoFlow PowerOcean

This EcoFlow PowerOcean includes a three-phase hybrid inverter and LFP batteries. It allows us to convert from 48 V to 800 V easily and with a low investment. It has a basic capacity of 5 kWh which we can expand up to 45 kWh. In addition, the battery packs accept connections in parallel, to avoid influences between them. What does this mean? That if one of them fails, we will only have to change this one, not all of them, with the consequent economic savings that this entails.

It offers us up to 6,000 useful life cycles, that is, 15 year warranty by the manufacturer so that our investment is well protected for a long time. In addition, for our peace of mind, it has certain security tools, such as an active fire protection module that starts automatically if it detects that the temperature exceeds 170ºC. Also, it has IP65 certification.

EcoFlow PowerOcean

Thanks to the reserve module it has, we can store up to 10 kW so that our appliances continue to work even in the event of a blackout. With its ultra-fast automatic switching, we will not notice the power outage.

And how do we control all this? EcoFlow makes available to users a apps and one Web from which we can control and manage energy consumption in real time.

Availability and price

This new energy system is now available in Germany. We hope that it will reach the rest of the markets soon, but, in any case, you can obtain a quote from the EcoFlow official website.