Ecovacs Winbot Bot X, let me clean the windows for you

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ecovacs winbot bot x cabecera.jpg

Cleaning windows is tedious and boring, but with the Ecovacs Winbot Bot X from Ecovacs that is over. Let him alone take care of cleaning your windows while you do what you like the most.

Ecovacs Winbot Bot X, what is it and how does it work?

The Ecovacs Winbot Bot X is a robot cleaner that offers you a wireless window cleaning with an intelligent cleaning pattern and an advanced security system as well. But let’s analyze in depth what we can really do with this peculiar and useful robot.

This robot cleaner is designed for effortless cleaning, but with long-lasting results. It does not need cables, so you can use it anywhere. Thanks to your safety suction cup with pressure point sensor, it will stay secure while you work. In addition, the Ecovacs Winbot Bot X is smart, since once put in the window will automatically decide the most efficient cleaning method, moving horizontally or vertically according to your needs.

With an elaborate cleaning system, it offers you optimal, precise and fast results. You can choose between the automatic or deep cleaning mode, which will repeatedly clean a certain area. The mops on this robot allow you to clean in all directions, which makes it easier for the cleaning solution to spread and distribute correctly in order to keep your windows clean for longer. Remember, if your glasses need an extra cleaning, opt for a deep cleaning so that the Ecovacs Winbot Bot X performs a double pass in its two movement patterns.

And since it is a robot that adheres to the sale, surely you are worried about possible falls or accidents that it may have. If so, rest assured, it is designed with your safety as the top priority. Some of the means of security it has are its suction cup, to which a 2.4 GHz connection to the main robot so that your system constantly monitors the safety status. In fact, the Ecovacs Winbot Bot X will activate an alarm if the air pressure in the suction cup falls below 3.5 Kpa, necessary for it to remain adhered to the glass. Therefore, if the robot runs the risk of falling, the anchoring system drags it towards itself to guarantee an active protection system. To this is added his powerful suction system, whose two purposes are summarized in, on the one hand, to keep the robot securely attached to the window and, on the other, a better cleaning by vacuuming the dust.

As for the way it works, it has some edge detection sensors that guarantee a safe movement and that make it react when a window that does not have it reaches the frame or approaches the edge so that it changes direction. All this for a few 50 minutes if it is fully charged. And if it is low on energy, it will alert you with its alarm and return to the starting point for half an hour. As you can see, its design, its simple software and its security features make it a very easy to use device anywhere in the house. Just put it on and let it get to work.

You can take it anywhere thanks to its firm handle and balanced weight distribution. You can also handle it, since due to what we have just said, it is very easy to use. Of course, you don’t need to use it manually if you don’t want to, since it brings a remote control so you can handle it from anywhere. You can start, stop, pause or change direction with the push of a button. Also, when you finish cleaning, you return to the exact place where you started to facilitate your recovery. And how do you send both audible and visual warnings, you will always know what is happening at all times and you can relax while he works with your windows. With the Ecovacs Winbot Bot X cleaning the glass and windows of your home will no longer be a headache.

Ecovacs Winbot Bot X Features

Ecovacs Winbot Bot X
Machine weight (kg) 1.8
Noise (db) 74
Crossing the gap in the glass joint Max Width 4mm Max Depth 8mm
Mop size (mm) 245 * 245
Minimum window size (cm) 50 * 50
Max height cleaning (m) 2.5 (from security module)
Working time (min) fifty
Cleaning solution (ml) 230
Four-stage cleaning system Yes
Frameless Window Identification Yes
Memorize the cleaning route Yes
Power off protection Yes
Automatic return to departure point Yes
Alarm Yes
Cleaning path options AUTO NZ
Scope Framed Windows Frameless Frosted Coated
Package content 1x WINBOT X window cleaning robot, 1x infrared remote control, 1x cleaning solution, 1x polishing cloth, 1x mains adapter, 1x extension cable, 4x cleaning pad, 1x lanyard, 1x suction cup, 1x manual user

Opinions from the Ecovacs Winbot Bot X

If you are looking for a robot that helps you keep the windows in your home clean, without a doubt, the Ecovacs Winbot Bot X can be a good option. Nevertheless, its price is somewhat high Y it will not help you clean very dirty windows, since the autonomy is scarce for a single cleaning and it must be done in phases. But, leaving this aside, if what you need is a device that helps you clean hard-to-reach windows, without a doubt, it is worth taking it into account.

Ecovacs Winbot Bot X

Availability and price of the Ecovacs Winbot Bot X

If you like this robot window cleaner, you can find it in online stores like PcComponentes, Amazon and Ebay.

But don’t just stay with one robot, keep looking at other models of robot cleaners for your windows from other brands to see which one suits your needs. Here we leave you for example the Alfawise S60.

  • Wireless
  • Good robot for window maintenance.

  • Something expensive.
  • It is not intended for very dirty glass.

Total score