Effective tips for cleaning floors and tiles

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Today at GizHogar we bring you some tips for cleaning floors and tiles of our home. It is true that it is not one of the most exciting tasks but since we have to do it, we are going to try to make it as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes we find stains that the mop is unable to remove because of how embedded they are, but following the following tips, that will be over.

What products can not be missing to clean the floor?

Despite having household appliances like the Moneual ME 485 at home, it never hurts to know certain tricks to improve cleaning.

The ammonia It is one of the best allies for cleaning the floor, since a lot of wax accumulates and the tiles can take a yellowish tone. If we clean the floor with two liters of water and a cup of this product, we let it act for 5 minutes and then we scrub the floor again, will be shiny and perfect.

Another of the tricks to eliminate stains that our new shoes or harder soles may leave, is to use a eraser and so they are removed in a few seconds. If we do not have an eraser at home, another way to remove stains is to use a steel scourer. We wet it in soapy water and rub gently on the affected area. Then we scrub the floor regularly.

As for wooden floors, we can use two products. The first is a lifelong trick, a couple of tea bags mixed with half a liter of boiling water. We let the preparation cool down and soak a cloth to clean the wooden surface.

The second, does not serve to clean the floor, but to reduce glare you may have with a polyurethane coating. The multipurpose oil It is perfect for this, just by spraying a minimal amount on a cloth and wiping it with it, it will be noticeably reduced and it will appear more natural.

How to make bathroom tiles shiny

If some of the tiles we have on the bathroom walls take a lot of dirt and even mold due to the humidity of the walls of this room, we can also use ammonia diluted in water to clean them and the result will surprise you.

Ammonia is a product that cannot be missing at home

Finally, we can regain shine Thanks to the mixture of vinegar, ammonia, boric acid and warm water, we apply the preparation and let it dry to get that natural reflection that they had the first day.