Effective tricks to clean all the windows in our home

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This time we bring you from Gizhogar a few tricks to clean all the windows in our home more effectively. The windows and glass They are an easy target for dirt and stains, so we consider it necessary to take into account some simple tips for can clean them much better.

How to clean all sticker and paint glass

The first thing we have to do is remove the sticker that we do not want it to be in our glass, we spray the area where the glue remains with the glass cleaner that we have at home and then we wait a minute for it to take effect. We cleaned the area with a cloth and all the dirt should have been removed. If not, we can scratch with a trowel, but be very careful not to scratch anything.

Refering to paintingIt is quite common if we paint the walls inside the house or even the facade, because we may not have covered them well and when we uncover them we can get an unpleasant surprise.

Be careful when mixing cleaning products

Well, the first thing we should do is take a pinch of solvent on a rag and the paint will fade easily. Note that if the base of painting it’s to the water, a wet rag no solvent to remove. However, if it is oily, a little bit of turpentine the one we have at home will also go away. In this case, we can use a palette to scratch the paint if we see that it is difficult to remove the stain.

clean all the windows

To remove paint stains, first look at the base that has

And the glass walls?

We can use electrical appliances to help us clean all the glass and glass, such as the Cecotec WinRobot 870, but if we do not have one of these tools, the glass brick walls should be cleaned periodically to remove dust and dirt. accumulated. We have to clean the bonding areas with a toothbrush wet in soap and water, so they will be completely clean and shiny.

Then we can clean the glass bricks. If we moisten a cloth with a mixture of water and ammonia, the glass of the wall it will regain its natural shine, in addition to eliminating the fat that may be in it by touching it.

clean all the windows

Glass walls should be cleaned periodically

As for the details that the bricks may have, the cloth or cloth that we use may not completely remove the dirt from all the corners, so we can use the toothbrush moistened now with the mixture of water and ammonia. Then we just have to let it dry and it will be perfect.


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