Electric rechargeable cleaning brush, the help you need


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Let’s be honest and stop being “welcome”. No one likes to clean, although we all have to. And, no matter how hard we try, the truth is that it is a task that can make us very, very lazy and take up a lot of time. The solution? Help us with products that already exist on the market and that minimize this task. A good example is found in this rechargeable electric cleaning brush What we want you to know today.

Technical characteristics of the rechargeable electric cleaning brush

Clean your house in less time and with better results. This is the main purpose of the rechargeable electric cleaning brush. And how do you get it? With a size of 5.4 x 10.7 x 14.9cm. and a weight of just 400 grams, helps us to eliminate the most encrusted dirt and with multiple uses for the home. We can clean pots, pans, taps, tiles… and without having to rub and leave your nails there. With the rotary movement, the dirt will come out much easier and you will not have to be rubbing yourself.

rechargeable electric cleaning brush

Since it can be used in the bathroom, it has resistance IPX5, so we won’t have to be afraid if it gets a little wet. In addition, it works with battery and has an autonomy of 60 minutes.

And so that we don’t miss anything, the box comes with a lot of accessories: a wide brush head, a fine brush head, a pad holder with a self-adherent base, heads with a scouring pad and a charging cable.

Availability and price

Do you want to get him? We have it available at Lidl online store for a price of €29.99.

And so that you continue reducing time and effort when playing, here we talk about the Silvercrest rechargeable window cleanera product so that your windows are always pristine.