Electrolux EN3854NOX, a combi refrigerator with a modern look

electrolux en3854nox cabecera.jpg
electrolux en3854nox cabecera.jpg

Spacious and with a modern and elegant design, this is the combined refrigerator Electrolux EN3854NOX, which will help you to preserve your food. Today we will talk about this interesting Electrolux refrigerator, whose features are quite functional.

We discuss the Electrolux EN3854NOX

The Electrolux EN3854NOX is a refrigerator designed in stainless steel that presents some measures 59.5 x 200.5 x 64.7 cm and a total net volume of 349 liters, so this is a fairly spacious device.

Efficient cooling technologies

The Electrolux EN3854NOX comes with interesting cooling technologies such as TwinTech FrostFree that serves so that the humidity level always optimal inside. In this way, the food stays fresher and preserves its texture and properties for longer. In addition, since the compartments have independent cooling systems, there is no aroma contamination.

This model enjoys a class in energy efficiency of A ++ in the range from D to A +++, making it up to 21% more efficient than class A + models. Something that is noticeable, for example in his FreeStore system.

Thanks to this system, it does not matter where you place the food, since it will receive the same amount of cold, no matter where it is, since the air is distributed evenly throughout the appliance so that everything is always fresh.

Easy and practical use

You may have already noticed that it is a spacious refrigerator, but it must also be said that the Electrolux EN3854NOX is easy to organize thanks to the different compartments it brings. For example, in the freezer you have the SpacePlus drawer, which will allow you to know at a glance what you have inside.

It also helps that it comes with LED lighting, that in addition to being clearer, colder and more homogeneous, it will allow you to easily see everything you have stored so that nothing is spoiled or spoiled by not knowing we had it there.

Finally, how has the temperature display on the door, it can be easily adjusted using just one touch. In this way, you will not have to open the device to activate its functions or set the temperature of the compartment. In fact, this way you can also confirm that everything is in order with just a glance.

Electrolux EN3854NOX

Electrolux EN3854NOX Features

Electrolux EN3854NOX
Type of device Combi fridge
Type of construction Independent
Cold system No frost
Total net capacity 349 l
Storage in case of failure 18 h
Volume of unfrozen compartments 265 l
Number of shelves 3
Trays Material Glass
Volume of frozen compartments 92 l
Freezer compartment position lower
Fridge drawers 3
No frost Yes
Integrated bottle holder Yes
Door opening Right
Interior lighting Yes
Character specials Fresh Zone
Temperature control Yes
Temperature gauge, cooling section Digital
Measurements (W x H x D) 59.5 x 200.5 x 64.7 cm
Color (standardized) Inox
Color (by manufacturer) Inox
Width 59.5 cm
Height 200.5 cm
Depth 64.7 cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 77 kg
Weight 77 kg
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 59 cm / 200 cm / 70 cm
Packaging width 59cm
Packing height 200 cm
Packing depth 70 cm
Annual energy consumption 251 kWh
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A +++ to D
Energy efficiency class A ++

Opinions from the Electrolux EN3854NOX

This freezer fridge can boast of having a good value for money. Its design is modern and it comes with the temperature display on the door. In addition, it also comes with a special drawer for drinks and contains extras like a wine rack.

Its most negative point, however, is that it is a somewhat noisy refrigerator.

Electrolux EN3854NOX availability and price

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  • Good value for money.
  • Modern design.
  • Display on the door.
  • Special drawer for drinks.

  • Something noisy.

Total score