Electrolux ESF5535LOW, a dishwasher with capacity for 13 services

electrolux esf5535low, a dishwasher with capacity for 13 services
electrolux esf5535low, a dishwasher with capacity for 13 services

The  dishwasher is one of the appliances that many people do not consider essential, but we have already told you that, as soon as it enters the house, you will no longer be able to stop using it. Removing the task of washing the dishes will save us time, but it will also help the house to always be tidier, to organize visits from friends without getting lazy and, ultimately, to enjoy cooking more. Because, maybe you’ve never thought about it, but if you don’t really like to cook, maybe it’s because you don’t like to scrub everything that’s assembled when you spend time between the stoves, don’t you think? In this sense, and to help you choose your new dishwasher, today we are talking about the  Electrolux ESF5535LOW .

We are going to discover what  Electrolux offers us with this model, very similar to others that we have seen before, such as the Electrolux ESF5535LOX , but with notable differences to highlight.

Design of the Electrolux ESF5535LOW

The Electrolux ESF5535LOW has dimensions of  850 x 625 x 600 mm and is available in  white . It has, on its front part, a small  LCD screen , quite discreet and perhaps not very modern in the eyes of those of us who have seen much more advanced models, but in any case it works great for us to be able to control the basic aspects of our washing: duration, program selected etc You can control the basic aspects of your washing configuration through  four buttons located on both sides of the screen.

Electrolux ESF5535LOW

In addition, in the design section, it is also worth highlighting its capacity, with a capacity of  13 services . It has, inside,  two heights , so that we can place the pots and pans in the lower part and the glasses and cutlery in the upper part. As a curiosity, it comes with a special tray for the longest knives and even has special holders for beer glasses. All the baskets and grids are adjustable, so that they can be shaped according to the dishes you want to wash.

We also have  an indicator of the remaining washing time , so that we know when it will end and we can continue with our lives.

With Airdry technology

And beyond design, when it comes to household appliances, we have to pay attention to the most outstanding technologies that they include and that differentiate each model from the previous one. In this case, we can say that  AirDry technology stands out . As a quick summary, here’s how it works: in the last part of the drying cycle, the door automatically opens a mere 10 centimeters, using the benefits of natural airflow to dry while optimizing performance. of the dishwasher and energy costs are reduced. In this sense, now is the most appropriate time to mention that its energy classification in washing is D. For its part, the classification of drying efficiency is  A .

Electrolux ESF5535LOW

For its part, the  AutoFlex  function applies artificial intelligence to optimize water and energy and do a deep clean whatever the amount of load and the level of dirt on our dishes. This is also achieved with the  AquaSensor sensor , which detects how dirty the load is.

We also have an  Inverter motor  that influences its performance and its silence ( 46 dB  according to the manufacturer).

control your time

Likewise, we also find  a Time Manager function , which allows us to reduce the duration of the cycle by half, so that we will always have our plates and glasses ready even if guests unexpectedly show up (or maybe you had I forgotten that this weekend I played barbecue at home?).

Do you need even more? In this case, we also have a  30-minute program , ideal for crockery and cutlery that is not very dirty and that we want to be available more quickly.

Electrolux ESF5535LOW

More things related to time management. We also have a  delayed start schedule of up to 24 hours . That is, we can choose when we want the washing to start from now until the next day.

Finally, we need to talk about the  automatic shut-off feature , which ensures that the dishwasher does not consume energy between cleaning cycles.


If we talk about a dishwasher, we cannot fail to mention its available programs and temperatures. In this case, we have  six programs and four temperatures to choose from . The maximum time of the washing cycle is  240 minutes  and the highest temperature is  70ºC .

These are the available programs:

  • Auto 45-75ºC
  • Economic
  • Glass / Delicate
  • Intensive
  • Fast
  • Rinsing + Drying

Technical characteristics of the Electrolux ESF5535LOW

Dimensions 850 x 625 x 600mm
Color White
LCD screen Yes
Buttons 4
Ability 13 services
baskets 2 heights
Remaining wash time indicator Yes
Engine inverter
Noise level 46dB
Energy efficiency
  • Wash (D)
  • Drying (A)
Technologies to highlight
  • AutoFlex
  • Aqua Sensor
  • AirDry
  • Auto power off function
  • Time Manager function
delayed start yes, 24 hours
30 minute program Yes
Maximum wash cycle time 240 minutes
Maximum temperature 70ºC
temperatures to choose 4
Available programs
  • Auto 45-75ºC
  • Economic
  • Glass / Delicate
  • Intensive
  • Fast
  • Rinsing + Drying

This dishwasher is a good option if you are looking for good value for money, although you have to keep in mind that it is not very modern (for example, it does not have WiFi, it does not have the option to program it from your mobile, etc.). It cleans well, cleans fast and can be programmed, all for a budget. What more do we want?

  • good capacity
  • Comes with adjustable trays
  • Easy to clean
  • very good power
  • Six preset programs
  • very easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • makes little noise
  • We can program it to start at the time that suits us best
  • The design is not very modern
  • Does not have Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Few extra features