Electrolux EW2F4722AB, 7 kg washing machine where you control the time

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Electrolux is one of the manufacturers of household appliances that makes the most effort to offer products with good value for money. Not all of us need the latest technology, great capacity or connectivity, so if you feel identified with this definition, the model Electrolux EW2F4722AB it may be a good choice for you. It is a 7 kg capacity washing machine, with a time control system that allows to shorten the washing cycles so that the machine adapts to you and not the other way around and a technology that detects the type of fabric to adapt the wash and take care of your clothes as much as possible without wasting time, energy or water.

Electrolux EW2F4722AB layout

As we said, we have before us the Electrolux EW2F4722AB washing machine with a capacity of 7 kg. It’s enough? It depends on how many of you are at home and how often you want to put the laundry. For a household with children, it may be a bit short, but it is ideal for a person or a couple, even if you are one of those who want a high rotation of clothes and prefer to wash every couple of days than once a week . Of course, keep in mind that large pieces such as very bulky quilts do not come in (even if it includes this program), another aspect that you should value.

It is a model of free installation, available in color White and with dimensions of 850 x 600 x 559 mm. In addition, it includes four height-adjustable legs, something very practical so that you can adapt it well to the rest of the furniture in your laundry room or in your kitchen.

If we look at its front, we see that it has the detergent dispenser tray as a drawer in the upper left corner, to its right we find a program selection wheel and then nine buttons to program the washing settings, in case we want to customize them and do not shoot automatically. In the lower right corner there is a small tank that can be opened to try to remove any objects that may have fallen into the washing machine, such as coins. It also has a small LCD screen, where you can see details such as the remaining time or the selected program.

What advantages does this washing machine offer?

This 7 kg capacity washing machine has a 2,200W power, a spin speed of 1,200 rpm, its energy certification is A +++ and a noise level of 58 dB. It is not totally silent, but considering that historically washing machines tend to make a lot of noise, it is a value that leaves us satisfied. The clothes come out very clean and not too wet, although obviously it does not have a drying function so you will have to hang them out in the sun or put them in the dryer if you have another machine of these. Of course, the quality of the wash will also depend on the type of stains on the clothes, the detergent you use and whether you use any stain-resistant product. But this is up to you.

Electrolux has developed a soft drum to treat the clothes with more delicacy and prevent them from being damaged too much by washing. As for the programs included, you have these 15: On / Off, Cotton, Economic cotton, Synthetics, Delicates, Daily Express, Quick 30 min, Quick 14 min, Spin, Unload, Rinse, Antiallergic, Quilt, Sportswear, Wool / Silk.

Electrolux EW2F4722AB

In addition, it has security systems, such as child safety system and anti-overflow system to prevent the water from running out or children from being able to manipulate the washing machine without your permission. But, beyond the programs that you can select or the revolutions of its spin, we want to highlight certain technologies with which it is equipped and that also improve the experience of doing laundry:

  • AutoSense: It allows you to automatically adjust the washing cycle in time, energy and water, according to the size of the load, so that it is more efficient and also takes care of more and better fabrics.
  • Delay start: This is super practical. For example, you can put the washing machine on when you’re at work and calculate it to finish right when you get home. This is the delay start that allows you to program when the wash will start and thus prevent wet clothes from remaining in the drum.
  • PowerJet: This is a technology that uses a high-pressure water jet to keep the detergent dispenser clean, make all the gel use well and prevent the drawer from clogging.
  • TimeManager: We have saved the most interesting and innovative technology of this washing machine for last. This feature allows you to shorten the wash cycles and shorten them by up to four stages. In this way, you can adapt your wash to the time you have available and not the other way around. How many times have you changed your plans based on when the washing machine would finish? Electrolux wants this to stop.

But not all is perfect…

This Electrolux washing machine has many advantages as we have already seen, but it is not perfect, far from it. Although its value for money is very good, the truth is that those who like to have the latest in the market can be quite short, especially for its total absence of connectivity.

Do we need a washing machine with WiFi or have we all gone crazy? No, it is clear that it is not a necessity, but if you have an appliance with this wireless connectivity, such as robot vacuum cleaners, you will already know that it is super practical to be able to program it from anywhere you are or see how it is working through its app, receive notifications of its maintenance or even update the software. None of this you can do in this washing machine.

It also does not have automatic detergent dosing, so the washing may lose some effectiveness.

Technical characteristics of the Electrolux EW2F4722AB

Electrolux EW2F4722AB
Dimensions 850 x 600 x 559 mm
Kind Free installation
Colour White
Adjustable feet Yes
LCD screen Yes
Ability 7 kg
Drying function Not
Power 2,200W
Spin revolutions 1,200 rpm
Energy certificate A +++
Noise 58 dB
Programs 15 (On / Off, Cotton, Economic cotton, Synthetics, Delicates, Daily Express, Quick 30 min, Quick 14 min, Spin, Unload, Rinse, Antiallergic, Quilt, Sportswear, Wool / Silk)
Child safety system Yes
Anti-overflow system Yes
Delay start Yes
  • AutoSense
  • PowerJet
  • TimeManager
Automatic dispenser Not
Connectivity Not

Electrolux EW2F4722AB availability and price

If you are looking for a washing machine with a good value for money, this model may be just what you are looking for. And if you want it to also have a drying function, you can look at this other model LG F2DV5S85S2W.

  • It has a small screen to see the settings
  • Very easy to configure
  • Soft drum so as not to damage clothes
  • Good noise level
  • Good value for money
  • Child safety system
  • Anti-overflow system
  • With time control
  • With delayed start
  • Many programs to choose from
  • Energy certification A +++
  • Good spin
  • Wash well

  • Has no connectivity option
  • Somewhat low capacity
  • It has no drying function
  • It does not have automatic detergent dosing

Total score