Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001, your nails always perfect and shiny.

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Pretty nails are a foolproof presentation, but do you give them the care they deserve? Now you can do it with him Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001 by Emjoi, a nail polish that will leave them smooth, soft and shiny.

Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001

Lack of time in our day to day makes us, on many occasions, seek effective and quick solutions to minor everyday problems, but for one reason or another, when they appear, they do not let us feel comfortable with ourselves or our environment. . In this case, we are going to focus on personal care and nails, which, despite being one of the areas of our body that cares the most, undoubtedly constitute one of our letters of introduction to others and have them beautiful and well-kept is the first step to give a good image. Therefore, the Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001, a nail polisher, will help you in your task of always presenting enviable nails. This electric nail polisher leave your nails shiny in a natural way in seconds thanks to the fact that the nail polish that comes with it glides on effortlessly. In addition, lasts up to 2 weeks, it goes by batteries and you will be able to forget about the uncomfortable sensation of relief of your nails, since this innovative device will not only give them shine, but will polish them, as its name suggests to leave them smooth and perfect without any effort. Its rollers make the Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001 turn a few 1800 times per minute to smooth edges instantly and the glitter rollers leave your nails with a very beautiful natural shine that gives them a very healthy image.

For use, the package contains a Micro Nail, 2 Glitter Rollers, 2 Micro Smooth Rollers, Drawstring Bag and 2 AA Batteries.

Features of Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001 Nail Polisher

Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001
Brand Emjoi
Spectrum Micronail
Kind Hand care
Contains Micro Nail + 2 glitter rollers + 2 micro smooth rollers + Drawstring bag + 2 x AA batteries

Opinions from the Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001

The Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001 is a nail polisher that not characterized by being expensive. It is good value for money for what it offers and its operation is simple, since includes two pairs of two types of brushes to polish and shine nails in order to leave them looking shiny, natural and healthy. For all this, it does what it promises and is very easy to use. However, rollers wear out quickly and spare parts can be somewhat expensiveTherefore, this aspect is opposed to the good purchase price, which must also be taken into account.

Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001

Availability and price of the Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001

Buy your Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001 nail polish at The English Court.

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  • Brightens and polishes nails very well.

  • Their spare parts are somewhat expensive.

Total score