Era Inn, system to automate the blinds in Nice’s house

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Signature Nice presents Era inn, its system to automate blinds of the house and integrate them into the connected home. The objective is to facilitate domestic life and enjoy a more livable and intelligent space.

It was Inn, the house blinds under control

The company Nice, specialized in complete and attractive automation, announces the arrival of Era inn, its intelligent system for the automation of interior blinds. Thanks to it, users have within reach the way to adapt different types of blinds, achieving complete integration in the connected home.

System caracteristics

This novelty of the company is compatible with the Nice sun protection solutions and with Yubii Home, the platform for the smart home. On Era inn It should be noted that it is a intelligent and adaptable system for the automation of interior and exterior blinds.

Era inn

The great advantage of the product of Nice is that we can apply it to the different types of blinds that are had at home. It has the ability to adapt home lighting according to the needs of the user at all times.

More details of the system

Like the system Era inn is adaptable, it is possible to automate all types of blinds: from the roll-up, going through the roman, venetian, pleated, arriving at protection screens. Being a system compatible with Yubii Home, the multi-function center of the smart home, the user can automate interior blinds, the remote control and the scene creation.

Era inn

Thanks to this system it is possible adjust natural light according to personal needs and tastes. In addition, it allows us the exact alignment between the blinds in any load condition, when opening and closing, regardless of the size of the blinds. Era inn has a system of obstacle detection, which is activated on raising and lowering, acting when the blind meets an obstruction, stopping automatically.

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