Eray M2BX, surveillance system with calls and SMS sending.

Eray M2bx Cabecera.jpg
Eray M2bx Cabecera.jpg

Are you looking for a surveillance system that is easy to configure and offers good guarantees and results? Eray, as usual, shows us a proposal that can be adjusted to our needs, the Eray M2BX.

Eray M2BX

The Eray M2BX is a surveillance system Wireless gsm composed of a screen what he brings the voice and the system in Spanish, thus simplifying the way to use it. Furthermore, all sensors come paired so you just have to turn on the system and it works automatically. Make calls to 6 different phones and can send sms to 3 different devices. Any intrusion will be detected and informed by a 110 db loud siren. Then you will call us or send a message in the order of preference that we have established of the telephone numbers that you have in your system.

Regarding the areas covered, has 4 wired and 10 decks wirelessly, in which, in turn, you can code up to 10 sensors, what translates into 100 wireless sensors with which to protect your home.

It also supports 8 remote controls, to be able to manage the system in its entirety from different points of the house. This model also has, apart from the call and sms function, a smartphone app with which the alarm can be configured to work with a delay if desired, although this configuration can also be established with the remote control or the central panel itself.

General characteristics of the Eray M2BX

Eray M2BX
Product weight 1.9 Kg
Product dimensions 20 x 13.5 x 2.8 cm
Colour White
Material Plastic
Shape Rectangle
Electric power 12.00
Efficiency A +++
Display type Digital
Special features Easy to install
Use Anti-theft device
Components included Drums
Includes batteries Not
Average battery life 6 months

Opinions from the Eray M2BX

The Eray M2BX is really easy to operate and configure. Thanks to the fact that it comes in Spanish, it can be installed without much problem. In addition, it brings different motion sensors, can do recordings of up to 10 seconds and the duration of your autonomy is 6 months without changing the battery. The only downside we find is that hOh, make sure that the tamper-proof button is properly it may trigger a false warning if not.

Eray M2BX-2

Availability and price of the Eray M2BX

You can buy this surveillance system at Amazon.


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  • Simple to set up and use.

  • Make sure that the tamper-proof button is securely attached.

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