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The Evvo R7 Laser o EVVO Robot vacuum cleaner R7 LASER is a very complete robot with good autonomy to clean your home in depth. Thanks to this EVVO robot you will no longer have to worry about these tasks, although you can always see how it works and the cleaning process thanks to its application.

We talk about the Evvo R7 Laser

The Evvo R7 Laser or EVVO Robot Vacuum Cleaner R7 LASER is a black robot vacuum cleaner whose most notable feature is its LDS-LASER high precision navigation system. Thanks to it, you can move around the whole house safely by scanning more often for obstacles. Also, thanks to the fact that it brings the APP EVVO CLEANER app, you will have control at all times of work.

Another of the remarkable characteristics of this robot vacuum cleaner is its power and autonomy, since it enjoys a 4000 pascal suction power which, in combination with its inverter motor and long-lasting battery, allow you to vacuum up to 3 times more than other robots.

Due to this suction power, this robot performs very well on carpets or carpets, since it only needs a single pass to clean them and remove any excess dust or dirt that it finds.

In this way, and thanks to the 5200 mAh battery, you can clean up 150 minutes uninterrupted, which translates into surfaces of up to 250 m2 without the need to recharge it. In addition, its battery is a Samsung “Long Life Battery”, so it is more compact, but stores more energy and performs better.

Besides, if at any time you need to adjust the suction power because you change from one type of surface to another, for example, from a carpet to a hard floor, it will do it automatically. In this way, it will not only adapt to the needs of each floor, but it will also not waste energy.

Once cleaning is done, the robot will return to its charging base. This will also happen if for whatever reason your battery is running low, but you have not yet completed cleaning. After recharging, it will resume work where it left off.

Smartly move around the house

As we have already advanced, the Evvo R7 Laser will move through your home in an intelligent way and this will be achieved thanks to the LDS-LASER technology, since with it will create a 360 ° map of each room you pass through.

Thus, the robot will decide which is the best route, taking into account the obstacles it encounters and the space under the furniture. As its sampling frequency is up to 66.7% higher than that of other robots on the market, the information it receives is always up-to-date, and that It will allow you to clean without repeating zones or piling up.

In fact, this joins with the TOF technology, composed of precision and fall arrest sensors that will allow you to recognize obstacles or unevenness that may cause an accident. It even comes built with a bumper, both to protect itself and to protect your furniture.

And that’s not all, these sensors also determine the height of the furniture so that, if it can, the robot goes under it and also cleans. Its height is only 96 mm, so it can access most areas of the house and clean underneath many furniture such as beds or sofas.

To achieve a professional cleaning, make use of your special V-shaped brush. This brush adapts to surfaces and can also be used to climb slopes of 22 mm. In this way, you can cover more surfaces, with a higher performance. To this brush you have to add two more designed to clean corners and edges. All this with a HEPA filter to get rid of allergens and bacteria.

And if you thought that this was all I could do, you are wrong, because we are also facing a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner And that means that in addition to vacuuming, it can also scrub. To do this, it uses an electronic water pump that adjusts the speed with which the liquid comes out depending on what needs to be cleaned.

With an emission of only 66 dB of noise, this robot vacuum cleaner can be considered a household appliance pretty quiet, who can work while you dedicate yourself to what matters most to you or even relax.

Evvo R7 Laser

In summary

The Evvo R7 Laser is a very complete robot vacuum cleaner, as you may have seen. Its Laser 360 ° Navigation system allows you to create smart maps of the rooms, always updated by their high scan frequency. As it has a suction of 4000 Pa, it is very powerful, so it can clean different surfaces with an autonomy of 150 minutes.

It recharges automatically and, thanks to its ultra-thin profile, can even clean under furniture. If the height of the furniture does not allow it or there are unevenness in the house, for example, by stairs, it is able to detect them with its TOF technology.

What’s more, can be controlled and programmed with the app EVVO CLEAN APP, from which you can even configure virtual walls and also activate the scrubbing function. All this with a silent and efficient operation thanks to its brushes and its HEPA filter.

Evvo R7 Laser

Features of the EVVO Robot Vacuum Cleaner R7 LASER

EVVO Robot Vacuum Cleaner R7 LASER
Voice control: Yes
App: Yes
Water dispenser: Electric
Scrub: Yes
Fall arrest sensor: Yes
Shock sensor: Yes
Upper sensor: Yes
Auto-recharge: Yes
Virtual wall: Yes
Navigation: To be
Noise: 66
Capacity: 450
Suction power: 4000 Pa
Programmable: Yes
Height: 96 mm
Double brush: Yes
Battery: 5200 mAh
Capacity m2: 250 m2
Battery life: 150 min
Cleaning mode: 3
Hepa filter: Yes

Opinions from the Evvo R7 Laser

This robot vacuum cleaner has a good value for money. It moves well around the home and offers good cleaning results, although its application is not intuitive and difficult to understand. However, its most negative point is found in the scrubbing system, which leaves much to be desired, because it does not completely filter the water and soaks the floor more than it scrubs it.

Evvo R7 Laser

Availability and price of the Evvo R7 Laser

And if you want to see a robot vacuum cleaner that never disappoints, here we leave you the Roomba 694.

  • Good value for money.
  • Correct aspiration.
  • It moves around the home well.

  • Little intuitive APP.
  • The scrubbing system is not good.

Total score