Fagor 3LVF-621X, is this a good stainless steel dishwasher?

fagor 3lvf 621x cabecera.jpg
fagor 3lvf 621x cabecera.jpg

Forget about washing dishes with him Fagor 3LVF-621X a practical dishwasher, whose hot air system will leave your dishes spotless. Join us to get to know this practical Fagor appliance and discover the benefits it offers you.

This is the Fagor 3LVF-621X

The Fagor 3LVF-621X is a dishwasher that, among other features, will ensure that your dishes not only come out clean from the inside, but also dry. To do this, use your HotAir system, that dries the dishes by water vapor and condensation. In this way, as the water is hot from the last rinse, it vaporizes on the dishes, thus helping them to dry by condensing all the heat inside.

So your dishes will always come out clean, although this is not all that this dishwasher can do for you. Did you know that you can wash different types of dishes using the same cycle? Yes, for example, you can clean crystal glasses and saucepans in the same wash.

This is thanks to the brush motor that washes with different levels of water pressure. In this way, In the upper basket the most delicate dishes will be more protected and, in the lower basket, the pots and pans will be thoroughly cleaned so that the residues are eliminated without problems.

A dishwasher that stands out for its practicality

The Fagor 3LVF-621X, in addition to these features that we have seen, also it can boast of being practical. First of all, because it has a dispenser that has a tab with a sliding opening so that the detergent is perfectly administered throughout the interior.

In second place, It has such useful functions as the half load, that will allow you to use it without the need to fill it completely and without giving up good washing results, while saving up to 20% of resources.

Fagor 3LVF-621X Features

Fagor 3LVF-621X
Installation type: Independent
Product size: Full size (60cm)
Door Color: Silver
Built-in display: Yes
Washing programs: 90min 65 ° C, Eco 45 ° C, Economy, Intensive 60 ° C, Normal
Number of cutlery: 12 covers
Number of washing programs: 6
Half load: Yes
Washing time remaining indicator: Yes
Wi-Fi controlled: No
Energy efficiency class: AND
Drying class: TO
Energy consumption per cycle: 0.9 kWh
Water consumption per wash cycle: 11 liters
Estimated annual energy consumption: 258 kWh
Annual water consumption: 3080 liters
Depth: 600 mm
Height: 815 mm
Width: 598 mm

Opinions from the Fagor 3LVF-621X

This dishwasher It is somewhat expensive for what it offers. While is true that washing results are good So what it is easy to use, does not dry the dishes as promised and they tend to come out wet from the inside, once the cycle is over.

Otherwise, yes it can be said that it is practical, since it brings functions such as the half load that will allow you to save light and water, in addition to it is spacious and therefore exhibits good capacity.

Fagor 3LVF-621X

Fagor 3LVF-621X availability and price

If you are looking for a smaller dishwasher, here we leave you the Beko DFS28021W.

  • Good washing results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Half load can be used.

  • Somewhat expensive for the benefits it offers.
  • The dishes are not completely dry as promised.

Total score