Fersay CAFG2022, new programmable drip coffee maker

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Fersay Cafg2022.jpg

The brand Fersay includes in its catalog of small appliances a new programmable coffee machine for ground coffee. It’s about the reference Fersay CAFG2022, and comes to take over from a product in great demand within the proposals of this company.

Fersay CAFG2022, coffee to taste and programmed

As we mentioned at the beginning, this new product from Fersay comes as a replacement for a previous model, the CAFG2020. For the new coffee maker the brand is committed to a modern and renewed design, more attractive and functional for the customer.

Product characteristics

With the brand new reference Fersay CAFG2022, the user has the option of being able to program the time to prepare a coffee. To do this, you just have to use the button PROG arranged on the control panel of the small appliance. This new drip coffee maker with timer has a power of 900 W, and has a 1.5 liter glass jug.

The Fersay CAFG2022 programmable coffee maker offers great potency and carafe capacity

With the introduction by Fersay in its catalog of PAE own brand, of this new drip coffee maker for ground coffee with programmer and great power, the manufacturer responds to users interested in the previous model that sold out in a short time.

More details of the device

The clock Built-in in the coffee machine, it allows you to program the time you want the machine to make your coffee, in order to have it ready just when you get up, for example. It is ensured that it is very easy to program. As we said, just select the button PROG and set the time you want to have the drink ready.

Fersay CAFG2022

Set a time to have the coffee freshly brewed

In addition to the glass jug of 1.5 liters, this appliance has a water tank with dispenser. And thanks to the anti-drip valve willing no drop escapes. The filter of the machine is permanent Y removable, thus facilitating cleaning. It is a model to use with ground coffee. The recommended retail price is € 36.99.

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