Foot massage 80 W: now with 4 massage rollers


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If you are one of those who likes to pamper yourself at home (or if you have never done it but want to start taking care of yourself), today we will talk about the foot massager 80 W that we have hunted in Lidl. It comes with four rollers and a very reasonable price. Below we give you all the details about this very interesting machine.

Technical characteristics of the hydromassage for feet 80 W

This foot massager 80 W is a personal care device that, as its name suggests, has one main objective: to care for and relax your feet through a water massage. With dimensions of 34.5 x 18.7 x 40.5cm. and a weight of 1.34kg. Its material is mainly plastic and mounts three pedicure accessorieswhich are interchangeable: roller, brush and callus remover with support.

It has four foot reflexology massage rollers, which seeks to activate the circulation of the feet and massage them, so that we can relax while taking care of ourselves. We also have a power of 80W and one function to keep hot water. In addition, you can choose whether you want a vibration massage function or a bubble massage.

Foot massage 80 W

It retains a fairly traditional design for this type of device and works connected to the electric light. Is it an essential device? Not at all. But it is indeed a good gift (or a self-indulgence) for those who want to look for an option to pamper themselves at home and give their feet the rest and care they deserve after a whole day of activity. Give yourself those ten minutes of peace and you will notice the difference.

Availability and price

If you want to get hold of it, you can get it from the Lidl online store for a price of just €29.99.

And if you want to compare it with another model, here we talk about the electric foot massager.