FÖRNUFTIG, the IKEA air purifier available in Spain

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After a while of waiting, finally, IKEA the economical air purifier is already available for sale in Spain FÖRNUFTIG. A device capable of remove polluting elements In the home. Ideal if we want to avoid breathing the particles that float in the environment and bad fumes.

FÖRNUFTIG, the IKEA air purifier available in Spain

Technology continues to expand its presence in the Nordic company, IKEA, and gradually more products are available that alter the line that has characterized its catalog. We have been seeing how they arrive on their shelves Lighting systems, speakers, connected blinds and now a air purifier. We talk about the reference FÖRNUFTIG, with which the brand introduces among its offers a highly demanded device in these times.

Features of the appliance

In the wake of the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, home users have experienced a strong interest in everything related to the hygienic maintenance of the home. IKEA It took note of the demand for purifiers and in November announced its own model. But it is now when it reaches the national market.

Discreet Y Easy to use, that is the proposal of Ikea. The company has opted for a model that in addition to performing its function, is integrated into the decoration of the house, going unnoticed and without attracting attention or highlighting especially. The purifier FÖRNUFTIG is a device capable of offering coverage for a room that has a few 10 square meters.

Product Details

The device has a fabric finish, similar to the speakers in their catalog. The FÖRNUFTIG features a shape design rectangular, with a shallow structure giving it a radiator-like appearance. Thanks to this, it is easy to install even in small homes. It also includes floor stand, and it is possible to place it both in position horizontal like in vertical.


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