Foscam C2, smart IP surveillance camera in 2 colors

Foscam C2 Cabecera.jpg
Foscam C2 Cabecera.jpg

Many times we would like to have surveillance cameras for our home or business, but we cannot spend large amounts of money. For this reason, Foscam presents its Foscam C2, an IP camera that does not need computers or other devices to install.

Foscam C2

The Foscam C2 is a smart IP surveillance camera with 2 Mpx available in 2 colors, black and white. Among its main characteristics, we find that it has a continuous manual recording or automatic recording after motion detection and, in addition, video and images can be recorded on any local or remote computer that has internet, which allows us a great variety of possibilities. . It also has a slot for microSD card with up to 64 Gb of capacity (which we must know is not included). With this card, you can make recordings autonomously and continuously or that is activated after the motion alarm and, as we have said before, that we see the video and image recording both locally and remotely. The space on the card is managed automatically by the Foscam C2, so the cyclical recording is automatic and old videos will be deleted, also automatically.

Being able to record on the card means that no additional recording devices required such as NVR recorders (DVR) or a computer. In fact, if you need more recording space or if you want a centralized recording management of several cameras, you can also purchase IP cameras from the same brand that will help you in this task. For all this, and recapitulating the above, it has a microSD card slot (remember that it is not supplied) and supports microSD cards up to 64GB to be able to record autonomously without the need for a computer or other device for recording, although the images and videos recorded on this card can be perfectly viewed remotely by accessing the camera from any computer in the world.

In short, even though you don’t need a computer or install any software to work, the recordings are compatible with any device and you can use the camera both to record autonomously and by setting it to be activated by motion or setting it to record continuously for 24 hours at no additional cost of any kind. To access it, you can make use of the service that it brings with it to do it from the Internet through a unique and personal address, even if your dynamic IP assigned by your Internet provider changes.

It is a service offered by Foscam Intelligent Tech, which will not imply any limitation in time or money and will therefore allow you not to have to configure, or pay, or be aware of periodically activating other free services DDNS. And as we have already counted, you will not need any type of software to use it, since the Foscam C2 itself brings its own internal software that will show through any browser, but, in addition, it can have more functions with the official free program offered by the camera (Foscam IP Camera Client)

Other features offered are connection to the data network and the Internet with 2 possibilities: wirelessly (WiFi 802.11 b / g / N, WEP-WPA-WPA2) or with standard RJ-45 network cable (supplied with the product), infrared LEDs that switch on automatically depending on the ambient light and that cover the indicated distance, together with the possibility of manual deactivation; A PIR sensor (Passive Infrared) that reacts only to certain energy sources such as the heat of the human body or animals, since the PIR sensors detect the variation of infrared radiation with respect to the environment and, since it does not emit radiation, but receives it, from there it receives your passive name. In addition, this new sensor offers us greater precision in surveillance, so it will detect real intrusions and avoid false alarms. Likewise, you can activate motion detection to perform various actions to choose between video recording, sending emails and FTP. The camera is also programmable for days and hours, ideal for businesses and offices, and has a built-in microphone and speaker along with two-way sound to not only hear through the camera, but also to communicate. You can always use it from a remote computer and from some smartphones and tablets that carry the versions Android and IOS specified and compatible. With a 120º diagonal view, the Foscam C2 will keep you on top of everything.

Foscam C2 Features

Foscam C2
Brand Foscam
Model C2
Model name C2 / W
Year of production 2015
Product weight 168 g
Product dimensions 7 x 7 x 6 cm
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion (Type of battery required)
Product model number C2
Product number C2
Digital storage capacity 32 GB
Other features RoHS compliant, Security algorithm: WEP, WPA, WPA2, Built-in speakers, Plug and play, Full HD, HTTPS encryption, Built-in microphone, Night vision, Motion sensor, Mounting type: Ceiling / wall
Components included camera; power cord, power adapter, CD, warranty
Software included Windows XP Professional x64
Color display Not
Vision angle 120 degree
Digital zoom 2 MP
Maximum resolution 2 Mp
Optical sensor resolution 2 Mp
Min focal length 2.8 millimeters
Audio input mic-jack
Microphone form factor Ha
Microphone technology Integriertes Mikrofon
Video input format 720p, 1080p

Opinions from the Foscam C2

It is an IP camera that meets the benefits it offers, although it is not true that we should not pay more, since for some functions like saving the recordings in the cloud, they make you subscribe.

Foscam c2

Availability and price of the Foscam C2

You can buy this IP camera at Amazon, Ebay and PcComponentes.

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  • You do not need a computer to configure.

  • It states that it does not need additional cost, but for some functions it is necessary to pay a subscription.