Gifts for someone who has a Thermomix, what options do you have?

1618701502 Thermomix Tm6 Destacada.jpg
1618701502 Thermomix Tm6 Destacada.jpg

If you have to give a gift for birthday, anniversary, invisible friend, Christmas or simply because you want to have a detail, a good idea when your imagination runs out is to see if you have a product that you use a lot. For example, if you have an iPad you can look at the Smart Keyboard or if you have an electric scooter maybe a Xiaomi backpack to carry your things with you comfortably. Today we love you give gift ideas to someone who has a Thermomix.

5 gifts for someone who has a Thermomix

The inclusion of WiFi to access Cookidoo without the need for external devices is one of the best novelties of the Thermomix TM6

Recipe books: It is something that never fails. It is important that you know what model it has. For example, if it is the TM31 you can only use paper books, while if it is the Thermomix TM6 You can use the digital book with guided cooking. Specifically, I recommend, for its originality, the Chocolate digital book for TM5 and TM6 or the paper book vegetables and legumes for TM31.

Spice grinder: East spice grinder We liked it a lot for its originality and its quality of materials. It has five interchangeable compartments.

Baby Products: For future dads or for those homes where there are little ones, this baby pack it is very complete and practical. It includes a briefcase, a cookbook, three mason jars, a notebook, two silicone spoons, an ice bucket, a thermal plate and a bib.

Infuser bottle: For any time of year, a infuser bottle it is a sure hit. Fruits can be introduced into the central part and the rest of the bottle filled with water to flavor it and take on its properties.

Mold to make nougat: This is the ideal gift for those looking for something really original for very little money. For just 10 euros you can buy a mold to make nougat Vorwerk original for Thermomix. You probably didn’t even know it existed.